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  1. Dr.Dsouza

  2. 498A is impermissible in absence of Harassment or Cruelty
  3. Bombay HC : 498A Quash against Senior Citizen Parent-in-laws: Aged 73Yrs & 65Yrs under medical treatment">
  4. Divorce: Refusal to have sexual intercourse amount to cruelty
  5. Charges without evidence attracts Perjury
  6. 1971 Abortion Act
  7. Adoption
  8. If arrested.?
  9. Criminal Procedure.
  10. Christian Maintenance Act.
  11. Christian Marriage Act
  13. Contempt of Court.
  14. Criminal Law
  15. Custody-FAQ
  17. Cyber Law
  18. Defamation Explained
  19. Divorce Explained
  20. Divorce Act.
  21. Divorce Bill.
  22. RTI – TEP Investigation result in 4 Months
  23. RTI – 3rd Party Information
  24. CIC : Reasons to be given when RTI denied
  25. RTI – Wifes Complaint copy to Husband
  26. Penalty Under Section 20(1) of RTI
  27. RTI – Due diligence under section20 (1)
  28. CIC – Provide Info even if alternate methods are available
  29. CIC – Diciplinary Action to be disclosed
  30. RTI facilities for NRIs
  31. IT Returns, Public interest, Section 138,Disclosure of Information
  32. CIC : Complaint copies cannt be denied to accused.
  33. TEP – Time limit and Provide Investigation details in RTI
  34. Compensation to the RTI Applicants
  35. RTI – Reasons for rejection of requests and Penalty
  36. CIC : Provide Dowry Declaration of FIL
  37. Private Schools come under RTI Act
  38. Forced SeX with wife is not RAPE
  39. Recovery of Stridhan, Dowry articles petition Dismissed
  40. Proof of expensus in Maintenance
  41. No ex parte order on the basis of the affidavit in DV
  42. DV not applicable against women
  43. No Maintenance, Residence; Equally earning wife
  44. 498A IPC / RPC Quash against Husband & family based on Territorial Jurisdiction
  45. S.498-A on Husband Lover – an abuse of process of law
  46. Madras HC: 498A FIR & Chargesheet Quash against Non-Relatives
  47. SC : Any person can now be tried under Domestic Violence Act
  48. Order of registration of an FIR Quash
  49. Child Custody – Equal access to Both parents
  51. Divorce Through Power of Attorney
  52. K.Shyamsunder vs N.Ramachandraiah And Others (Unclean hand)
  53. Asking Financial Assistance is not a Dowry
  54. Time Limit and Speedy trial
  55. Time Limit and Speedy trial
  56. Parents can kickout their Children
  57. Delhi MM Court : Middle East NRI’s discharge from 498A After his family’s discharge – Good Fight
  58. CIC deny Wife RTI seeking husband Income
  60. Women can’t occupy in-laws self-acquired property
  61. Deb Narayan Halder Vs. Anushree Halder
  62. No maintenance u/s 125 CrPC of Wife is able to maintain herself.
  63. QUASH – if the constitutional right to a speedy investigation and trial has been denied
  64. Women has no right to demand husband property in his lifetime
  65. All State Amendments in Maintenance(s125) are invalid
  66. Affair during the subsistence of marriage by either of the spouse amounts to cruelty
  67. Ramakrishna v. Priya Ganesan
  68. Habeas Corpus in Divorce / Custody Petition
  69. Dissolution of the marriage on False cases, Cruelty
  70. 498A Quash against MIL, FIL & BIL for General & Sweeping Allegations
  71. Consensual sex is not Rape: Supreme
  72. Convincing evidence needed to convict under Section.498A and Section.302
  73. 498a blackmail banned in Tamil Nadu
  74. Justice R Regupathi (TN-HC) Instruction for 498A
  75. Divorce : Pregancy Aborted
  76. SC: Divorce, If wife aborts without his consent
  77. Sex on assurance of marriage is not rape
  78. Dowry Death : Prosecution should prove Beyond Reasonable Doubt To Invoke Presumption
  79. Homosexuality (Section 377 IPC) is Unconstitutional
  80. Gujarat HC: 498A Quash against Family Members – With Citation of landmark Judgements
  81. Laws of physics in 304B Bail
  82. Quashing criminal proceedings in non compoundable offences
  83. Making Contradictory Statements At Trial Isn't An Offence
  84. Marriage dissolved on Cruelty Only
  85. Gujarat HC – 498A Quash against Uncle-in-Law & Aunt-in-Law
  86. The Applicability Of Section 498A, SC-Judgment
  87. Writ petitions challenging action
  88. Condonation of delay in Payment
  89. No maintenance for Qualified wife – CrPC 125
  90. Anticipatory bail in 498A after process of Sec.82 of Cr.P.C
  91. HMA not vaild, If marriage between a Hindu and non-Hindu
  93. Sec125, Sec125(4), Who is entitled for Maintenance
  94. No Domestic relationship, No DV
  95. Careful when compromising in Maintenance
  96. False complaint is a ground for divorce
  97. RTI demanding Sexual Harrasment Case papers
  98. DV dismissed – Sonia versus Vinod
  99. Maintenance fixed in the compromise can be altered u/s 127 Cr.P.C.
  100. Wife gets remarried after NRI divorced her in US-498A Quash against Ex-FIL & Ex-MIL
  101. 498A filed in revenge – Quashed
  103. Acquitted in Dowry death(304B), Dowry Law(498A) IPC
  104. DV and Custody to Father
  105. DV and Custody to Father
  106. DV and Custody to Father
  107. Appeal under Sec.374(2) of Cr.P.C
  108. HMA, Mental cruelty, Custody to Father.
  109. 498A/DP Quash against Gulf based absconder NRI Husband & MIL
  110. Mere Pendency of an FIR is not a ground to withheld Passport
  111. Disown Son and 498A quash
  112. Quash Non-Compoundable 498a/406
  113. Women to Prove ligitimacy of child for maintenance
  114. Divorce on grounds of Cruelty and Desertion
  115. Filing False case is Cruelty
  116. Mere registration of FIR is not enough to claim relief
  117. HC Dismiss the petition to quash the order where Complainant declared PO
  118. Magistrate Should conduct inquiry before start process to filter false complaints
  119. Non-registration of FIR, SC Direction
  121. False 498A, Divorce over RCR
  122. Money given later in marriage is not Dowry
  123. 498A Quash judgement – Allahabad High Court
  124. Accused to be provided copies of FIR within 2 days of filing RTI
  125. 498A Quash – Minor Injuries are not sifficient
  126. Own case details cannt be denied
  127. Bharat Chaudhary & Anr. Vs. State of Bihar & Anr.
  128. Police should varify and Investigate every DV properly
  129. Rape case Quashed – Failed engagement
  130. What is CrPc.125 ?
  131. Child can claim maintenance u/s 125 from mother
  132. Only Share holder can be Party in partition of HUF
  133. Perjury – Women Charged for remarriage
  134. Domestic Violence And Maintenance
  135. DV Act cannot be filed against female relatives
  136. Krishan Jeet Singh vs State Of Haryana
  137. 498A Quash – filed to Harass only.
  138. Anti-dowry law misused, No Arrest, Guidelines to Police : SC
  139. Other than A relative of the husband, may not be prosecuted under Section 304B IPC
  140. Twisting hand, holding saree is not outraging modesty
  142. No Interim/Maintainance for Capable,Working Women
  143. Divorce : False accusations of sexual perversion is mental cruelty
  144. 498A, Hidding facts, Marriage null and void
  145. Meaning of Natural home in Custody and Jurisdiction
  146. Divorce : False Allegation of Dowry demand, Threat of commit suicide and assault, Cruelty
  147. Prosecution is quashed-Allegations do not constitute any offence
  148. Section 160 Cr.P.C. is not applicable to an accused
  149. Second marriage,Section 482, S.498-A Quash
  150. Kaliyaperumal and Anr. vs TN
  151. Condonation of Delay
  152. 498A, DP3 and misuse of Law
  153. Without s.4 of S.82 CrPc Accused cannt be declared proclaimed offender
  154. Liability of maintenance of children is co-extensive
  155. Filling RTI to malign and lower down the image is Cruelty
  156. Shared household ceases when option of Alternate accommodation becomes available
  157. Shared household ceases when option of Alternate accommodation becomes available
  158. Sushil Kumar Sharma vs Union of India
  159. Cruelty cannot be judged from solitary incident
  160. Adultry, No Maintenance
  161. Bombay HC: Wife often going to parents’s home without any reason is cruelty.
  162. Name in suicide note is not Abetment
  163. 498A Queash and Article 136 of the Constitution
  164. SC: Money demand unrelated to marriage won’t attract dowry offence: Husband Discharged
  165. No relief, if couple not stayed together as husband and wife
  166. Cannot refuse to issue passport unless cognizance in Criminal case
  167. Bail in U.P under Article 226
  168. Live-in cannt cry Rape
  169. No forced Abortion, No cruelty, 498A quash on others
  170. Punish Police / Govt officers on acquittal of accused in criminal cases
  171. Adultery – No Maintenance
  172. S.482-Apex Court can quash non-compoundable offences
  173. Person holding the premises gratuitously has no rights over Property
  174. 498A, 302 and Burdon of Proof
  175. No Quash but finish 498A Trial in 4 Months
  176. Samar Ghosh vs. Jaya Ghosh
  177. District Judge cannot invoke PWDVA on execution of maintenance amount
  178. DV Quash : Casual Reference Against In-laws without Iota of Evidence is liable to be Quashed
  179. SC : Voice recordings in a CD is admissible as evidene
  180. Denial of SeX and False case leads to Divorce
  181. Maintenance reduce – Working Women
  182. 498A filed to harass husband and his Parents – Quashed
  183. Compensation for False rape allegation
  184. Retention of Stridhan, DVA, 498A and Criminal breach of Trust
  185. Handcuffing and parading violate the Fundamental rights
  186. Quash and call for the records under Section 482 CrpC in DV
  187. Custody to Father
  188. Acquittal in 498A and 306 IPC
  189. Custody cannt be denied because of some fortuitous circumstance
  190. MP HC: 498A/DP – FIR/Chargesheet Quash against Parents
  191. INDIRA NEHRU GANDHI vs RAJ NARAIN (unclean hand)
  192. Sections 498-A to DP3 for 304B
  193. Divorce on Desertion – Marriage without sex is an anathema
  194. Acquittal in 498a – Benefit of doubt due to incredible version of prosecution
  195. Demand for Domestic Expenses is not dowry
  196. Financially stable wife can’t claim maintenance
  197. Guidlines in 498a Judgement
  198. DV against ex-husband after a mutual consent divorce quashed
  199. DV Should be filled within 1 year – SC
  200. No maintenance – If wife refuse to stay with husband
  202. MP HC – 498A Quash against Husband & Family Members for Malafide prosecution & Territorial Juridiction
  203. Petition dismissed – No Maintenance to spend lavishly
  204. 498A against Brother and Sister of husband quashed
  205. Divorce : 498a, Desertion, Threat to commit suicide,Mental Cruelty
  206. No maintenance to Divorcee Muslim woman from former husband
  208. Punish Police for false charges: SC
  209. Custody to the Father.
  210. Bigamy or Concubine will not come under 498A IPC
  211. Sanapareddy Maheedhar and Another vs State of Andhra Pradesh
  212. 498A quash – Party in Person
  213. Kids Being Used As Tools Of Vengeance By Vindictive Parents
  214. Petition under D V Act cannot be transferred to Family Court
  216. Bar Council Of Maharashtra And Goa vs The State Of Maharashtra
  217. u/s 324 IPC vs. u/s 320 IPC, MLC report
  218. NCW fined for acting beyond its jurisdiction
  219. Child Custody – Shared Parenting
  222. False case,Accusing of Affair Grounds for Divorce
  223. IPC 498a, 304B were filed in vengeance on the accused – Quashed
  224. 498A quash – Relatives stay far away
  225. Discharge of relatives of S.498a with Section 482 Cr.P.C
  226. SC Guidelines in Non Bailable Warrants
  227. Section 125(1)(c) Cr.P.C, Maintenance till maturity
  228. Contempt Order – Swastika Sen (nee Mukherjee)
  229. Women ordered to stay away from husband office
  231. Divorce : Cruelty, IBrm, Parents interference.
  232. Maintenance On Actual Earnings
  233. No maintenance – Working Women
  234. Police and Court cannot seize Passport
  235. 498A, Mental cruelty – SC direction to mediation centre
  236. 498A Quash – Abuse of the process of the Court
  237. Child can claim maintenance u/s 125 from mother
  238. 376/Rape charges Quashed against 92 Yrs- Nonagenarian perso-Gujarat HC said False FIR
  239. Bail application is under Section 437. CrPC explained
  240. Denying sex leads to Divorce
  241. Repeated 498A FIR quashed
  242. No reliefs to Divorced wife under S.19 of PWDVA
  243. Jarkhand HC : 498a Quashed on territorial jurisdiction
  244. Divorce on denile of SeX
  245. Foreign Divorce, Child Custody and Prayer for interim injunction
  246. Son has no rights in Parents self acquired property
  247. Cruelty – Abusive Language & Filing Criminal Case
  248. Maintenance to unmarried daughter who attained majority
  249. Issue Passport as Husband disclosing 498a FIR In passport application
  250. Acquital in false Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act
  251. Passport Return of NRI – HC Bomaby
  252. No Domestic relation – DV quash
  253. Christians Seek Amendment to IPC Section 494
  254. How to write First Appeal under RTI?
  255. Live-in relationship is equal to marriage or comes under PWDVA ?
  256. Section 406,breach of trust and Quash under S.482
  257. Mother-in-Law filing DV against Daughter-in-Law & Son is maintainable
  258. Quashing FIR with section 482 of Crpc.
  259. Perjury case against Lying wife in Maintenance pendentelite
  260. 498a quashed – Merely naming distant relatives is not enough
  261. Som Mittal Vs. Govt. of Karnataka (482 CrPc)
  262. Bail granted in 498a and acknowledging misuse
  263. General, reckless and vague 498A allegations – FIR Quashed
  264. Divorce : Desertion, Deprives marital happiness, Cruelty
  265. 498A Jurisdiction – Transfered to matrimonial house
  266. 498a Quashed – Wife resiled on the Compromise
  267. 498A of distant relatives quashed
  268. False 498A against Sister-in-law Quashed
  269. Calling Impotent, character assassinations is Cruelty – Divorce
  270. Property dispute, DV dismissed
  271. Proof of Inheritence under Hindu succession Act
  272. Transfer of Property and Property rights
  273. 498A Transfer Petition Dismissed
  274. MP HC : Even After Evidence is closed, cross Examination Of Witnesses Is Permissible
  275. Jurisdiction for trial of Section 498A and 307
  276. Brain wash, Influenced by Mother, Custody to the Father
  277. Final judgement in – Email hacking case
  278. F.I.R Quash, Vague allegations
  279. 65K earning NRI paying only 6K maintenance
  280. Delhi DC: Father-in-Law Name Deletion in DV – Court said Property Dispute not DV
  281. Every Breach Of Promise To Marry Cannot Amount To Rape
  282. 498A Quash SC judgement – Ran Singh and Anr
  283. Need material evidence to prove dowry demand
  284. Material evidence required in dowry demand
  285. Family Court has no Jurisdiction to decide NRI Child Custody
  286. Extra-martial Relation – Electronic evidence in Divorce,
  287. Compensation for handcuffing and detention
  288. Audio / Video Evidence,in Dowry Harassment Divorce case
  289. No Maintenance if Wife cant Prove Cruelty
  290. Sanjay Sudhakar Bhosale Vs. Khristina – 125CrPc
  291. Husband cannt be charged under adultery (s.497 IPC)
  292. Multiple Income of Wife to be counted to determining the amount of maintenance
  293. Maintenance and Child DNA test
  294. Child custody to his natural guardian and father
  295. 498A Discharged, Charged for Abetting Suicide
  296. 498A/DP Quash against Husband & In-laws for Stereotype & Vague Allegations 
  297. Revision of maintenance pendente lite dismissed
  298. Father Visitation Rights can't be denied due to mere hesitation of Child
  299. Absured Allegations are leveled to make the 498A & combo more grave. Partial Quash on 498A & 294 IPC
  300. DV on In-Laws after Husband Death Quashed
  301. Custodial Torture
  302. Gita Das @ Sangita Das Vs. Tapan Das
  303. Parent-in-laws S.498-A IPC quash
  304. MP HC: DV Quash against two Sisters-in-Law – No Specific Allegations- No DV
  305. Deceased letter is not enough to charge in 498A
  306. Bail to NRI, Counsel can represent for him
  307. No maintenance if Women is able to maintain herself which is proved by the IT assessment
  308. Maintenance awarded in two sections to be offset
  309. 498A Quash – No Offence out of FIR
  310. S.498A, Women respondent in DV.
  311. Maintenance of children and aged parents
  312. Quashing of the 498A FIR
  313. Neeraj Aggarwal Vs Veeka Aggarwal – Maintenance under 24HMA
  314. Divorce : Mental Cruelty no Alimony
  315. 498A quash – It should not be used to achieve oblique motives
  316. Wife should prove that she is unable to maintain herself, husband has neglected to maintain her
  317. Divorce not valid if Mutual Consent withdrawn
  318. 498A without Marriage – Reema Aggarwal vs. Anupam
  319. 498a Quashed – After mutual consent the complainant is not traceable
  320. Family members of NRI husband cannot be accused in DV case
  322. DV, False Claims, No maintenance
  323. Affair will not attract 498A nor abetment of suicide
  324. SC : Pay rent to mother in law
  325. No interim maintenance for doctor wife
  326. IBM, Mental Cruelty, Child custody to father and Divorce
  327. Sanjeev Kumar Aggarwal And Ors
  328. Audio Evidence in Divorce Case
  329. Sections 406, 498-A IPC found to be false, Section 328 IPC was deleted">
  330. Giving False Evidence in FIR leads Perjury
  331. To recover dowry articles, In-Laws custodial interrogation is not required.
  332. Sections 406 and 498A FIR Quashed against 4 unmarried Sisters and Brother with S.482
  333. Domestic Violence – Complaint against female
  334. 498a, 306 Aquittal – All Words are not used with criminal intent always.
  335. 498A, FIR Quash – Not stayed with petitioners
  336. Salary,PF details will not comes under RTI
  337. SIC : 3rd Party Information to be Given
  338. Meaning of Demanding Dowry and Dowry
  339. MIL can File DV on DIL
  340. HC declined to quash DV under Section 482
  341. Divorce on False allegations dismissed
  342. Need Government nod to investigate Foriegn offence
  343. Video Conferencing in dissolution of marriage
  344. FIR may be Quashed If Inquiry continues without Proof
  345. Affair not suicide abetment
  346. Registration of marriages.
  347. Wife guilty of desertion & cruelty
  348. Malaya Das (Nee) Ghosh vs Basudeb Das(S.24)
  349. Mother will not get Custody Always
  350. Jurisdiction, S.498a, S.307 set aside
  351. Women Fined in Child Custody
  352. FIR Quashed by Delhi HC – Gross misuse of criminal justice system
  353. All Allegation will not comes under 498A, disposed
  354. Reversal of Divorce Decree and Conjugal Rights
  355. Take care of Men rights while Protecting Women Rights
  356. No Cruelty,Torture case after years of Separation
  357. How to File a Second Appeal under RTI?
  358. Dowry, Cruelty and dissolution of the marriage
  359. 498A FIR Quash – Allegations are General in Nature
  360. Compensation under Section 19(8) (b) of RTI
  361. Illegal Police arrest against Constitutional right to Dignity
  362. Joint family property and MITAKSHARA CO-PARCENARY
  363. Voluntarily incapacitates from earning is not entitled to claim maintenance
  364. Cruelty in Marital Life Explained
  365. Jurisdiction and Reinvestigation
  366. In-Laws can’t be implicated in 498A, If basic ingredient of harassment & torture is missing in the allegation
  367. Smt. Poonam Gupta vs Ghanshyam Gupta
  368. Willful denial of sexual intercourse without reasonable cause would amount to cruelty
  369. 498A Quash against husband & family members for Sweeping & General Allegations
  370. Need material evidence to prove dowry demand.
  371. Direct Complaint Allowed under Section 18
  372. Divorce on Impotency
  373. DVA does not have any retrospective effect
  374. HC to CIC on Tax Evasion Petition
  375. No Arrest in 498A – Circular Reffered
  376. Flimsy evidence is impermissible to convict of murder, 498A
  377. Woman fined Rs.1 lakh for misusing law against husband
  378. Sister-in-law 498A quash
  379. Abuse of 498A to get Divorce – Note to Law Commission and The Parliament
  380. DV on family members quashed on Jurisdiction
  381. Bombay HC: LOC & PO Quashed of MRA Veteran – Landmark Judgement
  384. Divorce : Repeated Suicide threats amounts cruelty / Ground
  385. No Maintenance,even to Children, if no Domestic violence.
  386. Deny SeX, attempt to suicide, Mental Cruelty – Divorce
  387. Victims of a crime must be treated equally
  388. Phone Affair ground for Divorce
  389. SC:Separating Man From Parents Ground For Divorce
  390. Limitations in 498A IPC
  391. Unhappiness in Marriage or Suicide will not comes under 498A
  392. No Quash under Section 482 Cr.P.C, but finish trial in 3 months
  393. DV on relatives without husband maintainable ?
  394. Sankaran Moitra Vs. Sadhna Das & Anr – Stay on Arrest / CrPc 197
  395. Civil Revision of maintenance pendente lite dismissed
  396. Accused in 498A can’t be denied to get Govt Jobs.
  397. Petitioner must claim she is unable to maintain herself for relief of maintenance
  398. Video conferencing’ and ‘written questions’ accepted
  399. Photos of shop is not Proof of husband Income
  400. ALLAHABAD HC Guidelines – No arrest under 498A IPC
  401. Petitioner must prove she is unable to maintain herself
  402. U/s: 326/324/323/34 IPC – False Complaint, Contradictory testimony; Acquitted
  403. Consented Sex – Acquitted of Rape charges
  404. Above 16 years of age with her consent is not rape
  405. Accused presence is not compulsory Always
  406. Gujarat HC: 498A Quash against Mother-in-Law
  407. Sm. Swastika Sen vs The State Of West Bengal And Sri Pritam Sen
  408. Without Proper Foundation 498A cannt be Transfered
  409. State Of Andhra Pradesh vs M. Madhusudhan Rao (498A)
  410. Sections 302 and 498-A, IPC are set aside
  412. Courts Can’t impose Irrelevant Conditions For Wife’s Maintenance
  413. No Maintenance – If women left job to claim it
  414. 498A filed against DEAD, Quashed.
  415. Patna HC: 498A Quash against 7 Family members for General & Omnibus Allegations
  416. When to Issue Non Bailable Warrant
  417. Making life of spouse miserable ground for divorce
  418. In-Laws Property is not shared household
  419. Welfare and interest of the child
  420. Divorce: Desertion, Mental Cruelty
  421. 498A FIR & Chargesheet both Quashed against Married Sister-in-Law
  422. Divorce : Demanding separate house without cause amounts to cruelty
  423. No Maintenance if wife wants to reside separately.
  424. Punish wife and her family for giving dowry
  425. Suicide note alone will not prove the cruelty in 498A
  427. Accused persons should get copy of statement u/s 164 of Cr.P.C.
  428. Bombay HC: 498A/377 Quash against MIL & SIL for vague & ambiguous allegations
  429. HC held Complainant Proclaimed Offender
  430. Divorce : False 498A and False Allegations, is Cruelty
  431. Cogent evidence is required to charge under 498a
  432. Assurance of promise of marriage does not become rape
  433. 498A FIR quash
  434. Domestic violence, Dowry laws misused to harass elderly
  435. Condonation of delay in filing the Appeal
  436. MP HC: 498A FIR/Chargesheet Quash against Relatives for Absurd & Vague Allegations
  437. Infidelity, By Either Spouse is Mental cruelty
  438. Wife has no Rights over Inherited Shared household
  439. Tammineedi Bhaskara Rao Vs State of AP
  440. Brijesh Kumar Gupta vs Smt. Poonam Gupta
  441. DP3 Vs. DP4 – Statement Vs. Evidence
  442. Divorce under Mental Cruelty and Dessertation
  443. No Maintenance - Educated woman who can maintain herself
  444. 498A quash,s482,In-laws, and Territorial jurisdiction
  445. Doctors convicted for giving ‘medical asylum’ to accused ex-MLA
  446. No specific allegations Husband relatives discharge
  447. Beaten MIL get interim reliefs under PWDVA
  448. B.S.Joshi and Ors. vs State of Haryana and Anr
  449. SC: Section 498A IPC, Compoundable or NonCompoundable ?
  450. High Court Order in case against CIC
  451. MP HC: Quash against In-laws for omnibus allegations in 498A
  452. Divorce on impotency and Cruelty
  453. NRI Child Custody – Mr. Paul Mohinder Gahun vs Mrs. Selina Gahun
  454. Acquitted in 306 IPC and S.498A
  455. No marriage – No maintenance u/s 125
  456. Husband judicial separation upheld
  457. Passport to be Issued when PP Application form says no criminal proceeding pending even with 498A FIR is filed
  458. Mental Cruelty diffined in 498a case
  459. Wife Refers Only To Legally Married Wife – SC
  460. DVA, Maintenance of Wife and shared Household
  461. Obtaining the Salary Certificate amounts to cruelty
  462. Other party can seek exempt if one party is already allowed
  463. Habeas Corpus on Custody to Father
  464. Iqbal Singh Marwah Vs. Meenakshi Marwah
  466. 2nd wife cannot claim equal status of a legally wedded wife
  467. Mutual consent cannt be withdrawn by one party later
  468. Property Dispute filed As Domestic Violence Complaint Quashed
  469. Ex-parte divorce After acquitted in 498a
  470. Daughter-in-law has no rights in Shared Household
  471. No Maintenance – Qualified spouse,Find job
  472. 498A FIR Quashed
  473. NO DV, No Maintenance to eering wife
  474. No Documentary evidence - No DV, No Mainatenance
  476. Section 498A, Cruelty is not extraditable offence
  477. Maintenance and Jail term of Husband
  478. 498A misused for extortion – Husband, in-laws acquitted
  479. Gift after marriage is not dowry
  480. The Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939
  482. Evidentiary admissibility of the contents of electronic records
  483. The Mother Is Not Always The Natural Guardian
  484. Perjury, CrPc 125 and Section 193 IPC
  485. SC Judgement on 2nd Marriage and Conversion
  486. Ex-Parte reversal
  487. 498A FIR Quash of Relatives
  488. Union Of India & Ors. vs Jujhar Singh
  489. Sangeeta Piyush Raj vs Piyush Chaturbhuj Raj
  490. No Multiple interim Maintenance Applications
  491. False DV quash against Tenants and Neighbours
  492. Maintenance Tribunal Can Evict Adult Children In Cases Of Parents Abuse.
  493. Dowry harassment – delay in filing Complaint consequences
  494. Indian Law Promote Adultry and 498A
  495. DIL has no rights in FIL property
  496. Can Appoint Agents to appear in Family court
  497. Woman has no right on self-acquired property of father-in-law
  498. 498A/376 – Acquittal – Contradiction in evidence
  499. Accused presence is not required to cancel arrest warrant.
  500. HC uphold grounds of cruelty – Divorce
  501. 498A stayed, File DV, court says abuse of process of law
  502. Sec.320 will not limit the powers of the HC to quash case under Sec.482.
  503. Same Event cannt be applied for both u/s125 CrPC & s20 of DVA
  504. Quash 498A, if Parties settled Dispute Amicably
  505. Kerla HC accepts the easy misuse of DV
  506. DV Quash, No Domestic relationship
  507. No Domestic Relation No DV
  508. All Suicides are not related to 498A - Acquitted
  509. Failed to Prove - D.V. Act is dismissed
  510. Women property, income must be considered in CrPC.125
  511. Criminal trial, evidence can be recorded by video conferencing
  512. Suicide is not always linked to 498A or husband abetted
  513. BAIL, False rape case even Girl eloped
  514. David Jude Vs. Hannah Grace Jude and others
  515. Determining legal cruelty in matrimonial law
  516. Failed Marriage Proposal, False Rape case Quash
  517. Remarriage is no Ground to deny Custody to the Father
  518. Surrender passport in 498A and Speaking Order
  519. Bombay HC: 498A FIR/chargesheet Quash against Married Sister-in-Law
  520. Death,498A,Custody to Grand Parents
  521. Divorce under HINDU MARRIAGE ACT, 1955 Section 13
  522. S.498A:To be, Not to be
  525. Judges Assets and RTI
  526. Dowry Giver Protected under Dowry Prohibition Act 1961
  527. Principles for ordering DNA test explained.
  528. Quash of compoundable offence Section 498A IPC
  529. Compulsion of Medical Examination in Matrimonial Dispute
  530. Section 125, When mother is liable to pay maintenance
  531. SC : Within one Week Bail Applications To Be Disposed, Directions
  532. Gaurav Nagpal VS Sumedha Nagpal – Custody
  533. False rape case accused called Rape case survivor
  534. Permanent alimony if the wife's adultery is proved in Court?
  535. Custody to reMarried women
  536. Whether Court of Sessions has power to order investigation ?
  537. 498A,Talaqnama,Divorce, and False affidavit
  538. Kumar Sankar Chakraborty vs Juthika Chakraborty
  539. Delhi Police Guidelines for Arrest/Bail Application under Section 406/498a IPC
  540. Maintenance case, striking off defence
  541. Delhi HC sets aside "mechanical" award of maintenance to wife
  542. Multiple maintenance are not Allowed
  543. Acquitted after 14 years in 498A and 304B IPC
  544. Writ Petition – Quash of false 498A
  545. Divorce, 498A quash, Custody, Reduce Interim Maintenance
  546. Section 498A IPC, Dowry Death 304B set aside
  547. DV,498A filled with personal grudge Quashed-Who are not in Domestic Relation.
  548. Women adultery will not suffice for proving the illegitimacy of the child
  549. Power of Attorney Holder can file Writ Petition: Allahabad HC
  550. Suresh Kalmadi vs Union Of India & Ors.
  551. Divorce – Calling womanizer is mental cruelty
  552. Women can approach to the Magistrate under Section 12 of the Act PWDVA
  553. Passport details are Public Property
  554. No Maintenance – 125CrPc
  555. Jalandhar Improvement Trust vs Vinod Kumar & Ors.
  556. ViewHMA – (i)moveable property cant be termed as Income
  557. Jagdish Parwani vs Union Of India & Ors.
  558. 498A acquited - Failed prove suicide as Dowry death
  559. Habeas Corpus for Custody and Visitation
  560. Girl Child Custody to the Father
  561. False Accusation, Cruelty; in Divorce Explained
  562. Bombay HC: Wife filed 498A against dozen of family members – Quash against 4 relatives
  563. Section 498A/34 IPC quashed against some Revisionists
  564. Equal rights on ancestral property to Daughters married before 2005
  565. 498A Cruelty – Not proved by the Wife
  566. Limitations of Sections 498(A)
  567. No maintenance for earning wife
  568. Section 498A (a) and (b) explained by SC
  569. Witnesses not Accused answerable to Police
  570. Mainatenance – Working Women
  571. Educated Woman having sex multiple times on promise of marriage isn’t rape
  572. CONDONATION OF DELAY – Sufficient cause to re-filing
  573. Meaning of unable to maintain
  575. Order passed under Section 156(3) Cr.P.C. can’t be challenge
  576. IPC 498A/323/504/506/DP 3&4 Quashed
  577. DV – Eviction from rented Property
  578. DV : No claim made against the other respondents, continuing process against them is a clear abuse of law
  579. Tarun Kumar Vaish vs Ms. Meenakshi Vaish
  580. Waiver to get divorce within 1 year of marriage
  582. Adultery by itself isn't cruelty to wife
  583. Acquittal in S.498A, S.304B and 306 of I.P.C. with S.235
  584. No automatic passport impounding, If criminal case is Pending
  585. Family dispute, Shared household and Domestic Violence Act
  586. No NRI Arrest without Govt Node
  587. Mere presumption or apprehension is not sufficient for a case to be transferred
  588. No effect of Section 125 if divorce on the ground of adultery
  589. Amit Kumar Sharma vs Vithe (S.24)
  590. 498A, Dv Act Case Transfer Dismissed
  591. 498A FIR quashed, – Cruelty
  592. Mere filing of a charge sheet by the police does not justify the framing of charges by the Trial Court
  593. Domestic relationship Not Necessary At The Time Of DV Application
  594. Arbitration act and Foreign Awards Act
  595. Wife’s Cliche allegations on DV can’t be taken as gospel truth – No DV if she can’t prove
  596. Payment of tax on the undisclosed income and TDS
  597. Daughter Custody to father
  598. Allegation of adultery constitute cruelty, if not proved
  599. Interim maintenance, 498A, Contempt Queashed.
  600. Maintenance with forged evidence quashed
  601. No return of marriage expenses to wife/in-laws
  602. State Women Commission has no right to Act Like a Court
  603. Man working abroad not liable to pay wife more money
  604. Divorce – False character assassination, False case, threat to life, Cruelty
  605. Habeas Corpus dismissed in Custody Appeal
  606. Divorce:False case Vague allegations is Cruelty
  607. Anticipatory bail U/S438 Cannot be denied on non payment of maintenance
  608. Maintenance denied in DV : Wife earning equal to husband
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