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Cancellation of Marriage

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  1. Yogesh

    Sir today was hearing in court, as I told you earlier she wants to give statements of Gram Vikas Officer and as well Doctor. So court issued summons in last hearing for both but the doctor didn't appeared before court today, but Gram Vikas Officer did. He along with him brought the birth and death registration register, but seeing it, it wasn't old register of the year 1992, it was looking as if it is of this years register. All entries in that register were with same ink, all signatures from january to march of the clerk were with the same ink but from april to december no signatures of any of the official's were there in the register. They were two people, I heared both of thems conversation from which I noticed one thing that her dad managed for false records and have send them to the court. None of the entries were verified by the senior officials of the gram panchayat at the end of the year.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  2. Dr.Dsouza

    They cannt fool around with records to show in Court;
    get a certified copy from the court for the same; and from Gram Vikas With RTI;
    ask Gram Vikas for the orginal copy of 1992 and whatever object and doubts you have raise with Judge; because RTI records comes for Public information officer, not from Gram Vikas officer. then see the difference.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  3. Yogesh

    D'Souza Sir, you are right, but we are thinking that, we have filed petition, and we know that those records are false and whatever the gram vikas officer had stated in his statement its more than enough to prove that it's false documents. Then if we try to ask them to submit the true original copy of the register of 1992 it will stretch our case more long so. And if she and her lawyer try to bring it then it will be good and beneficial for me, as before they submited this false register and now they are bringing old one. And it's false so they will not do this. Now we are waiting for the doctor's evidence. As per they are saying that sjhe was born on 17-3-1992 and the doctor have given her birth certificate who delivered her mom, than that time doctor must have been retired now cause that time who ever was the doctor he must be atleast 40 years of age, and it was a village, and that doctor was dean of that hospital. So now if the doctor appears in court than he must be of atleast 60 years of age and if he also bring with him new register than it will be clearly false allegations. What you say sir...????

    Posted 5 years ago #

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