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What are Protecion orders ?

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    What are Protecion orders in domestic violence ?

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    Key Master

    The Magistrate may, after giving the aggrieved person and the respondent an opportunity of being heard and on being prima facie satisfied that domestic violence has taken place or is likely to take place, pass a protection order in favour of the aggrieved person and prohibit the respondent from-

    (a) committing any act of domestic violence;

    (b) aiding or abetting in the commission of acts of domestic violence;

    (c) entering the place of employment of the aggrieved person or, if the person aggrieved is a child, its school or any other place frequented by the aggrieved person;

    (d) attempting to communicate in any form, whatsoever, with the aggrieved person, including personal, oral or written or electronic or telephonic contact;

    (e) alienating any assets, operating bank lockers or bank accounts used or held or enjoyed by both the parties, jointly by the aggrieved person and the respondent or singly by the respondent, including her stridhan or any other property held either jointly by the parties or separately by them without the leave of the Magistrate;

    (f) causing violence to the dependants, other relatives or any person who give the aggrieved person assistance from domestic violence;

    (g) committing any other act as specified in the protection order.

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