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False allegation by my wife on me and my whole family

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  • Started 6 years ago by aimthetarget
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  1. aimthetarget

    I am a marine engineer working with Singapore shipping company.I got married on 6th June 2010. During my sailing period I took my wife on ship alongwith me and due to unfortunate circumstances ship had to pass through Gulf of Aden(Somalia) which is pirated area and she had to disembark twice from Srilanka and Dubai. All the expenses were paid by me. Since marriage she has stayed only for 15days at my home and stayed at her parents house mostly by making excuses. She has also extracted huge amount of money (around 4 lacs) within 3months by threatening me that she will make allegations so that my career is spoiled and I am arrested and put in jail.
    When I returned to India and enquired about the expenses, I came to know that she had transferred most of the money from her own account to her father and self joint account. From their joint account her father has used lot of money. I have all the evidence with me right now. On 24th April 2011 she has registered FIR under section 498A and 3/4 DP Act on me and my whole family by making false allegations. She also mailed the FIR copy to my employer office. The office has asked for police clearance report before sending me for new asignment. I have approached Hon'ble High Court and court has given arrest stay for everyone. Kindly give me advise how to save my career and my family. Also legal advise for getting Police clearance report.

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  2. Dr.Dsouza

    As long as criminal case is pending you will not get Police clearence, unless court orders.
    Still you can appeal to court to allow you to go on duty, as both cases are not decided and you should not be stopped from earning your livelihood as it is you fundamental rights, so as HC to give permission and also PCC.

    Please go through this judgement same way you can ask court to stop her sending mails and letters to your office.

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  3. aimthetarget

    On 25th March 2011, I made a letter addressed to Hon'ble chief justice of allahabad highcourt mentioning complete details. Also her future intentions as she threatened me. The letter was copy to Hon. senior judge lucknow, district magistrate lucknow, DIG/SSP lucknow and local police station. Is there any useful to submit this letter to all legal and police authorities wherever I am required to be present or submit statement/ version.
    I have the evidence for all the statements I am going to submit to IO through affidavit via DIG/SSP kanpur.
    Will it solve some purposes?
    In HC judgement the HC has asked her to submit the reply for all points put up by me within 4 weeks.
    A senior advocate of HC has advised to get permission of lower court to join the place of duty. Is it possible?

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  4. Dr.Dsouza

    If court allow you, for your right to livelihood if you convince court that you will be present when court ask you then court may grant you permission.
    What makes all these sleepy government servant act on your letter is RTI, next day after your letter you have to file RTI and ask them status of your letter. then only they try to switch their problem to someone else.

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