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  1. Adv.Kachave

    If your wife has prosecuted you u/s 498 (a) of IPC it will better to u to approach bfr court for ant. bail appln. Prepare for divorce petition also. 9821387099, 9224799546.

    Adv.Ramchandra N.Kachave
    98, 2nd floor, Esplanade Mansion,Kala Ghoda, Near City Civil Sessions Court,
    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. kurheamol

    I got call from Women Cell yesterday for the complaint which i had send through letter. Also the lady stated that my wife is wrong and willfully doing the same. Every time she i with new stand on course of action. The lady constable apologized for her act.

    Also they inform me that my wife and her parents are ready to compromise and wife is ready to stay with me in matrimonial house along with my parents. (where she was demanding for separate accommodation).

    But again she visits the Family COurt Akola, where is maintainace petition is filed by her for the first date.

    Also, I informed them that the Family Court's Counselor has asked my wife to come and stay with me for which is agreed.

    I also inform them regarding the CPRC 125 she filed in Akola Family Court.
    In Akola Family Court my next date is on 27th July.

    Also, I wish to inform you Mr. Kachave that no 498a or other cases are been prosecuted on me or against my parents.

    What should be my further steps?

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  3. kurheamol

    On 12th July I had date in Family Court, Pune. We both attended the court. Our Counselor has asked my wife to come and stay with me. Next date is on 18th August 2011.

    Also, Akola Family court gave me next date of 27th July 2011 for CRPC.

    Request you to guide me for the further process has she will be coming back. Its sure that I dont want to take back in my home. But still what should be the terms to be discuss in front of Counselor on which I must be taking home (IF).

    Also, I want to know that what will be the next procedure from court i.e. incase of RCR and CRPC 125?

    Looking forward for your support.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. Dr.Dsouza

    Your Answer always should be in front of counsellor is
    "im dying to take her back"
    and im sure she will say she will not go back.
    Even consellor say OK take her back.
    your answer should be
    When cases are pending how can i take her back ?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  5. kurheamol

    Thanks Mr. D'souza,
    Same I did. But my wife said she is ready to stay with me. Here's the problem. Also, I discussed about the CRPC 125 which my wife has filed in Akola Family Court. Then counselor explained my wife not to go for legal as this will waste our time, money and age. Counselor explained her that to make my wife case strong the Advocate implicates false allegation which will again be a cause of dissatifaction in entire family becoz now u r ready to go back.
    Also, the counselor said that they will give the certificate type paper to present the same in Akola Family Court.

    I'm firm on my stand that she should withdraw the crpc 125 case which she has filed in Akola.

    I require suggestion on-
    1. Next date in Family court is 18th August. Counselor advised my wife to come for the date with readiness to stay with me. Where my wife agreed.
    2. Also, she gave option for divorce, where my wife convinced her that how much she loves me.
    3. On 27th July I have a date in Akola Family Court- 125 CRPC- How to tackle this.
    4. Again I have date in Women Cell Akola on 11th August.

    How to cater this?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  6. Dr.Dsouza

    Now you have to show counsellor that you have doubt in your wife.
    Put a doubt in Counsellor mind and ask
    "i know my wife nature, this time she failed to trap me, next time after coming back if she stab herself and blame me what to do, can you give written guaratee for that....?" let me know what she answers.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  7. kurheamol

    Thts what I already said/pleded/ asked the counselor both in Court as well as Women Cell, Akola. Both had no answer to the same. The PI of Women Cell Akola said that I Cant guaratee but we will sign a bond and we will not remove/dismiss the case for next one year, but at that moment my wife was not ready to sign the bond whereas I showed the willingness to do so.

    Also, the Counselor in Family Court said that they will continue the case for next three months where we will be called every month for counseling.
    My wife was crying in front of counselor that I was only showing willingness to take her back in court and his not interested in me............will spent lot of time with his family rather than her.....................bla bla......also will let our duaghter to be with my family for most of the time............

    The Counselor tried to convince her saying that nobody could restrict anybody for spending time with anyone..its individual choice...if you think that he doesnt love you or not have any affection for you than better you go for Divorce but in peaceful manner instead of putting allegations.
    Even the baby will require her grandparents.........its her right to get love from all. Even you (Wife) should try to give love and affection from (Bahu)Duaghter in Laws prospective. Its the requirement of Baby to have Grant Parents......and all that gyan to my wife......but I doutb that my wife hardly had understood.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  8. Dr.Dsouza

    im sure that consellor may be learn a lesson in his life otherwise they will not utter such a single word.
    you should have secretly recorded all this words, so you can use it later if.... required.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  9. kurheamol

    Even the Counselor of Women Cell, Akola scolded her dad for not holding his daughter properly.

    She asked her dad that " Weather he has his parents or not?"
    FIL- " No! They have expired."
    Counselor-" do ur wife (my MIL) have her parents then ask her to stop visiting there place, the next moment she will give badword (Bhosadicya) i.e. bhosadike who are u to stop me visiting my parents place."
    FIL- " They visit every day."
    Counselor- (Got angry) Bhaddve one side ur wife visits her parents every day and other side ur daughter is asking his husband to live his parents???????????"
    "If my son does this I'll not tolerate this."
    Now this was the language used by Counselor in Women Cell, Akola. Refusing them to log the 498a. My father in law has some contacts in SP Office Akola. He tried his level best to register 498a against us. And landed in filling CRPC 125 in Akola Family Court.

    I have date in Family Court Akola on 27th July. What should be my approach. My advocate says that he will try to dismiss the case as we are trying to take her back through RCR. And still if she wants maintainace then she should file divorce.

    IS THIS RIGHT APPROACH?? Can the same be dismissed as they had aaproached Women Cell for compromise.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  10. Dr.Dsouza

    Dismiss CrPc in what ground.
    let her answer to your RCR, lets see what she is saying in court.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  11. kurheamol

    In RCR we are at counseling stage....where the Counselor has asked her to join my house. And asked her to come to Court for next date i.e on 18th Aug with respect of joining me in my house.

    How to proceed further with CRPC 125 which i have to attain on 27th July??????

    Also after our counselling session her parents where discussing with an advocate. Prior to this date they didnt appointed any lawyer............what should be on there mind???

    Posted 6 years ago #
  12. Dr.Dsouza

    for Aug 18 th still time is there. and in 125 just let judge know, you are compromising as per Consellor and take next date after Aug 18th; let see what she says to jusge,
    She may agree or disagree, whatever may be her say will be noted by judge. if she says she dont want to go back then she is at fault and you can always contest with that word.

    and if she still says she want to go back, wai till 18th, and when consellor says take her back,
    drop a bombshell, i will take her back after she withdraw her cases.

    Posted 6 years ago #

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