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  1. humanbeing2

    and also help man who are in distress and put forward woman's point of view

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  2. humanbeing2


    you really know what is going in your wife's head after reading your posts. you do not show any respect to woman irrespective whether she is victim or not that is very clear from your post. you talk as if they are altogether different species.
    everyone who do not have their own home has to live in rented house or accomodation provided by the company where u r working. woman who have been illtreated and injustice done leave crores of rupees worth house and try to rebuild their life from scratch( after leaving matrimonial house). when u talk about equal partner you should say WE and not SHE stays in 50L worth house.???This itself shows ur attitude. nobody demands rights unless he/she is deprived off. who r u to kick? r u god? or she is servant/slave? r u not taking law in ur hands? and showing criminal tendency??

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  3. humanbeing2


    woman/man who had faced marital discord and separation cannot always be stable/settled and be happy whether remarried or not. you may have to make several compromises.

    it is very easy to give advice but it is difficult to act in same way it is easy to say but actually difficult for a woman to adjust in a matrimonial house of different environment without support/love and affection.

    mr. arun, r u happy now? for me happiness is not my target. we have one life and instead of giving up we have to lead our life and take responsibility of life of the people whom we r directly responsible. happiness/unhappiness is part of life journey in the same ways as sucess and failure.

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  4. rohand

    (i)why i am not entitled to have maintenance?...i know i am qualified but i am not capable to work because i can't leave my daughter alone... also how much can i earn suppose my income is 5000 permonth and my husband is earning more than i lakh than also i am not entitled to maintenance? what about my daughter's he is not responsible for giving maintenance to his daughter?.....(i)

    (b)You should NOT demand maintenance because you are an educated woman. You have the ability to get a job. You cannot give your daughter as an excuse. Yes, your daughter needs to be maintained but NOT you. If your income is 5000, it is your problem. You can enhance your education and skills and not be like an extortionist demanding your hafta from your husband just because you were married to him. Marriage is not a bounty and method of money-making. Husbands and men are NOT ATM machines of women. You can seek maintenance for your daughter by all means; but not a single pie for yourself.

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  5. Dr.Dsouza

    inhumanbeing; i did`t told her what i have done for her. and she is happy.
    she got what she wanted, she dont question or demand more coz she got more than what she dreamt.
    nor i demand to return for whatever i have done for her. and she dont question. coz she knows if she trying to bang her head to rock, she is the one who break her head.
    same rules apply to you too; in your husband home you got more than what your parents has but you wanted more and control your husband, result you deprived your child.
    your husband has right to file for Divorce and you too, but you filed case on him, he did`t still you justify you are right and he is wrong. you women harass men and push them to file Divorce coz if you file 1st he can question you and it will be problem getting maintenance.
    i blame Women 90% for every Divorce.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  6. humanbeing2

    ur daughter is his daughter too. it is fact. now ur husband has not shown any responsibility to take care of the child who is dependent on you for care. he has cheated you(committed adultary in marriage)and mistreated/neglected you and the child. why he should not be to be punished?. suppose you had filed cases he would have to spend money to defend and take anticipartory bail. what is stopping you?? IS HE THINKING ABOUT THE CHILD???

    whatever he is earning he will have to give certain portion of his income for the child care which he is not paying (comitting one more crime). you can claim maintenance for yourself on reasonable (taking care of minor) grounds you are not taking up job even though you are qualified to take care of the child. You can take help of good advocate for this. Child should be taken care by mother atleast. poor child atleast let the mother be by her side if not father.

    But if you have a good support from your parents to take care of the child in your absence look out for a part time job. you may not be lucky to get job equavalent to your qualification. somewhere you have to start & Keep yourself busy atleast you will be out of depression.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  7. Dr.Dsouza

    Abducting child from fathers home by women is biggest CRIME than not paying maintenance to child.
    coz Indian Law support such misuse; terming only mother is capable to raise the child.
    If Father take the child away from mother thats ABDUCTION if Women do that SAINTLY deed.
    what a bias.
    coz as per Feminists when women fail to get maintenance, she can demand in the name of Child.
    its shame on women, who demand maintenance. when they are not capable to pay for childs milk money why they want child. and if Father pays what is the guarantee she will spend that money for Child.

    There should be Law, child should not be taken away from the house where she is at the time of seperation.
    and only half spending should be awarded to Father and Women should give proof of other half Child maintenance money, if she is failed then she should not be awarded child custody.
    thats neutral Law.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  8. Dr.Dsouza

    it is better if she is depressed, so Father can get child and raise in better enviornment.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  9. humanbeing2

    you r wrong. my parents and my in laws are of same financial status. my husband prospered only after our marriage and even if i had married some other person he will not be earning less than me. so we cud have maintained same financial status had i been working. I had never controlled and never interfeared in his financial affairs and in fact i used to save money what he gave me and i used to give back to him during difficult time. in his friends circle, he found someone more physically attractive person who was desperately in need of emotional support and money. so all his attention got diverted and he got involved with her. and when i found the truth he just deserted me as he cud not show his face. and was trying to stop me from leaving the place as he wanted the child to be near to him. he got entangled between two relation one the other woman and his child. i cud not stand the loneliness and cheating and my health detoriated i came to my parents with the child.

    mr.dsouza, i hope i am not breaking the rule by discussing my personal issue in this thread. this is answer to your question. as the administrater do not try to prompt someone to break the rules and then later block them. shall we start a new thread to discuss my case.??

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  10. humanbeing2


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  11. humanbeing2

    d souza, you are very UNHAPPY AND DEPRESSED eventhough you are married again.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  12. Dr.Dsouza

    as per me posting rules are;
    ask legal remedies and you will be answered accordingly without dragging other person issue in your topic or compare with someone else issue and mislead and argue.
    Dont judge others.
    and you are free of write what you think right about you and your views

    Posted 6 years ago #

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