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  1. Dr.Dsouza

    Now again we proved with teir own words saying women marry for men money and reputation.

    and still they ask
    "then y does wife leave her husband inspite of man having reputation/money/fame/respect."
    once she married to a rich man, she enjoy his money, thinking he is just ATM for her.
    and as women nature and with help of indian biased laws she think like below story.

    everyone knows this goose story.

    she want all his money at once, not by begging everday.

    Right Rekha/Gulati. ?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. humanbeing2

    her actions show that she has revenge attitude as she has filed more than one cases. she is not happy with u and deeply hurt. she will any how not get money as she is not eligible for maintenance. if she has someone else u can easily make out as she will try to avoid physical relation and show no interest towards u. there is something somewhere wrong. is she from poor family? even than such cases are rare.
    i too agree not all woman r same and not man r same. you can not generalise.

    my husband filed divorce petition without my knowledge and tried to show extra goodneess so that i do not file any cases against him. what dirty games are played by estranged partner with what motives it is difficult to understand. later he said everything is fair in love and war.?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. humanbeing2

    she can still enjoy money staying with him. why should she struggle working hard. she will anyway not get maintenance. how can that be possible?? so she does not responsbility, money and husband too??

    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. Dr.Dsouza

    No one will tell you that they are going to shoot you.
    nor you told your husband when you filed dozens of cases...
    if wife is doing her duty husband has no problem giving her money. todays women refuse to take their responsibilities but demand money form husband. when husband question, she knows the way out. when there is ample legal support for her.
    coz there is no punishment for telling lies;
    filing false case;
    Even court order money even if she run away with her lover or has child from her lover. We have a such Bombay HC judgment.
    thats what called women empowering by disempowring men.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  5. Anonymous

    dr are not golden goose rather women r golden goose(lol)...You say men... are not having problem in giving money to their wives..ha ha ha...are you joking...despite doing so much work at home by wives... men r not interested to give a single penny to them ....why becoz they don't trust them without any reason....they provoke my case my husband does not give a single penny... even for the milk of my child he has to ask his mother and his mistress....

    Posted 6 years ago #
  6. sstggn

    K.Gulati has rightly said that:-

    dr dsouza...its true a women marry a man because of its reputation/money/fame/respect...
    no parents would marry their daughter to a (kanjar);

    because I have seen many KANJARS who marry their daughters to wealthy men just for milking their money
    phir voh KANJAR KI BACHCHII kai jhuthe case laga kar (125, DV,, 498a vagairah) keemat vasoolti hai kuchh raton ki

    Posted 6 years ago #
  7. Dr.Dsouza

    Women is golden goose...? what a joke.
    actual she is dharthi ka bhoj to her parents, they find a Bakra, aur uska gale band dethe hein.
    once she find out how much she rib from husband home, she start all her drama which ultimatly ends in divorce.
    No parents marry of their daughter to a kanjar, they knows incase marriage fails she will get handful of money without efforts, thats why they try to find wealthy man. no matter how ugly/dumb/old he may be. they just look for his wallet

    Posted 6 years ago #
  8. sstggn

    Parents who themselves are KANJARS look for wallet of men to marry their KUT$$$. Just to fetch money by stealing from KU###s' husband's house and if caught while steeling of if KU### is caught having relations with some KAN### KU### false cases are gifted to that good man for milking more money. Gulati.K19 is right that nobody marries his daughter to KAN### but KANJ### marry their daughter for earning money only.

    I'm confused why these KANJARs are allowed to continue a topic for long seven pages and seven days.

    Please block it.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  9. ADMIN
    Key Master

    Restrain from calling names.
    No one blocked for expressing their views unless violating posting Rules.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  10. humanbeing2

    is woman dharthi ka bhoj?? can u imagine world without woman? d souza are u born out of thin air??educated working woman if working also contributes income towards the family. she need not ask for her expenses also. every parents give education and get their daughters married. man who marries a women also take a Conscious decision and agrees for union. one cannot predict whether marriage will fail or not. but it definately effects woman/mans happiness and also childs future. while getting their daughter married any parents looks for financial stability and also family principles and values. members here with daughter will also opt the same.
    woman who are married to ugly/old/dumb because of money may not be happy in true sense. will that marriage work?will a educated and earning woman prefer such man???

    Posted 6 years ago #
  11. Dr.Dsouza

    Show me how many women make a house their own ? they just want husband house which he built with his all life earning. (Coz women think its husband responsibility)
    Show me how many working women buy furniture and things for house ? (Their money is deposited in their account only)
    Show me how many women married to a man who is having lower status than her.(coz she get nothing if marriage fails)
    Why no girl family want to get married their daughter to less previlaged man ?
    Show me single women who buy property and make it in her husband name (they want all husband property in her name only)
    and last but not least.
    Show me single women give something to husband family from her earning....
    i can list like this million points...

    Posted 6 years ago #
  12. Anonymous

    Dr dsouza this shows your mentallity...why should women take all the resposibilty...rather i say it should be shared....i was the women who has given large sum of money to my husband (after doing job) to purchase the flat and now he is not giving me a any payment of that rented all the money to his mistress....

    its true no parents would marry their daughter to a less previlage man...not becoz they know the marriage would break ...and would get money...(this is your thinking)but becoz they love their daughters and can't see them depressed after marriage...i would say again no parents would see their daughter breaking their own house...its our indian society...not a western society...

    humanbeing you have rightly said...dr dsouza is born out of thin air....rather i would say out of Bakra....ha ha ha

    Dr dsouza you need immediate psychatrist counselling..

    Posted 6 years ago #

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