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Constent tension

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  • Started 6 years ago by myproblem
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  1. Dr.Dsouza

    All women and Rekha very well know once 498A is filled, there is question of compromise and every such marriage will end in Divorce only.
    coz no man and his family is ready to take back "Legal terrorist"
    and indian woimen file 498a file in one intention to get easy and fast Divorce with the help of 498A.
    as per my knowledge out of our 10,000 members only 2 men are back with 498A women, that makes 101% 498A cases ended in Divorce.

    Rekha, i know you dont take fathers share in Child life, why dont you think other way let child will be with wealthy Father, coz for sure Father will not take your share from Fathers life and you will be there always for child.
    and im sure you will not agree for this 200%. Right Rekha.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. rekha_s

    why not think of legally taking share towards child welfare from the wealth of wealthy father and giving him love of father and mother through physical custody (mother) and visitation (father). instead of giving the child to father when child is not willing to part with mother.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. Dr.Dsouza

    who says child is not ready to leave mother.
    may be you trained child like that telling all BAd things about Father.
    i never seen single women demanding in court that force Father to visit child at least every week and spend some hours with Child.
    Every women want one thing, keep away father as much as possible, dragging custody case and later blame him not to visiting child. but i always seen women asking money to raise child.
    im sure Rekha, you also done same thing. Right ?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. rekha_s

    My Final Question... Does filing 498A solves the problems... ??

    I filed because injustice was done to me and what he was doing was very much wrong/unethical.
    problems are always there in everyones life. but the child was returned back to me.

    Does it bring anything good to ur child???

    -was he doing any good to the child and wife doing such things??? just satisfies ur ego of hurting others and blaming others....

    here ..who has ego? who was hurting?when there is sufficiant proof there is no question of blaming.
    why blame ..face the situation bravely and fight for justice if you are not guilty.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  5. rekha_s

    I have my thinking and it is not necessary that everyone thinks alike. there can be exceptions too. I do not have to ask him to visit. nor I say don't visit.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  6. dearverma

    ur husband did injustice to u why did u file 498a against ur in-laws. they were supporting him. thats it? thats ur reason.

    u filed 498a against ur husband. u know the punishment for 498a. u wanted to see him in jail for 3 years. and then u r becoming all saint that i'll not stop him from visiting child. what will u do. take the child to jail to meet father?

    u face injustice from husband, u filed 498a. what adivce do u have for men who face injustice from wife. i have seen many times in this forum us ay to such men dont file case even if they have proofs. so
    injustice to wife = file case
    injustice to husband = dont file case and listen to wife.

    go on rekha. i'm all ears listening to ur illogical arguments.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  7. ykgiroh

    if u are having problems then you should have filed a case with respect to ethical conduct of ur husband. 498a is for asking dowry. he must have never asked for dowry but you all women have just one answer to every problem. 498a ...
    2ndly.. if ur husband is not doing any good... then even you are not doing anything better for ur child , how can u blame ur husband alone...
    u filed 498a to get ur revenge and not to solve ur problems...
    498a is for girls who are asked for dowry and burnt alive... not for any tom **** and harry who is not able to cope with the duties as a wife...
    498a is not a tool madam, it is for people who have lost their daughters coz of dowry....
    In case ur husband is wrong then put the right charge on him.. without slapping 498a on his face...

    Can you ever tell the judge that ur husband never asked for dowry... you will never say so... coz u cannot speak the truth.... if somebody is not willing to live with you then how can you force him..... he is leaving you coz you are not good enough, and you are not leaving him coz u know that you are not going to get a better husband. In case you are right then he will repent one day and ask for ur forgiveness ..... instead you are imposing yourself on him... coz u know good you are....

    Today my father in law says to my wife... do not incite ur husband for u to file 498a or else it will be easy for him to get divorce... coz he has already filed 498a case against me and i am still living with my wife...this is the effect of 498a on families... if ever you would have wanted to save your family life... you would have never filed 498a.....

    Posted 6 years ago #
  8. Dr.Dsouza

    once you told me that, not to repeat what she has done to me, or tell past things about mother to child.
    now you only telling .
    "Does filing 498A solves the problems... ??"
    "Does it bring anything good to ur child???"

    ask yourself, you filled 498a does it bring anyhting good to your child ?
    Does filing 498A solves the problems ?

    you filled 498A as revenge for what he has done. so you do **** for tat but you preach others not to do same.
    what a double standerd.

    All women file 498A and DV not on actual reason.
    some women even file when they caught red handed with lover or asking to do their responsibility towards home.

    whatever wrong/unethical thing ur husband done can be settled but once matter goes to police/court its very difficult to patchup, so it is not ur husband ruined ur marriage or child life, i blame you 101%.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  9. rekha_s

    this question was asked by ykgiroh

    "please rekha ji, you are just satisfying by giving a reasoning to urself. Giving reasons doesn't solve the questions or situations. If you would have been that understanding the situation of your seperation would have never airsen. Even my wife says the same things as just now what u have said. When u can't fathom reasons for something what is happening then u try and blame ur counterpart for everything. Even i am compelled to answer here coz of such illogical reasons. Please try and stop giving reasons or should i say stop justifying. Be constructive and solve problems rather than blaming others.
    My Final Question... Does filing 498A solves the problems... ??
    Does it bring anything good to ur child??? just satisfies ur ego of hurting others and blaming others.... "

    Posted 6 years ago #
  10. rekha_s

    Stringent laws are to maintain law and order. Prevent crime.
    498a is not only for dowry but also for cruelty towards woman.
    What if the man continues to do wrong things knowingly in spite of warning.
    What if man promises not to repeat and repeats the same again.
    It was the main cause for our conflicts but I did not file cases for his unethical behavior thinking about the family honor, husband’s reputation, girl future and our child life. This was not reason for filing 498a. I tried to resolve thru marriage counselor. But he already filed divorce and child custody. the irreparable damage to my trust was already done and I could no longer hold any respect for him. He too could not face me and deserted me, made me financially insecure and abducted child.. His parents unaware of the real reason also became part of the conspiracy.

    He knew I will be lodging 498a but still he continued. I had every reason to file the case

    After lodging 498a I got the child and they too stayed away from me.

    Why will I not help in quashing the case if the father mends his ways even now.

    7 vows of marriage ceremony is a commitment we forget so easily.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  11. rekha_s

    each person may react differently in a given situation depending upon his/her personality.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  12. rekha_s

    "u face injustice from husband, u filed 498a. what adivce do u have for men who face injustice from wife. i have seen many times in this forum us ay to such men dont file case even if they have proofs. so
    injustice to wife = file case
    injustice to husband = dont file case and listen to wife."- dearvarma

    injustice done to any human being should be condemned.

    Posted 6 years ago #

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