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  1. Dr.Dsouza

    most women fight for custody not becuase they wanted child but because money follows with child, so they can demand financial support and also blackmail husband for other issues like Divorce.
    they use child as pawn of their game,
    i gone thru millions of custody judgments, nowhere women asked just child without support and without blackmailing husband in divorce. thats the reality. with small child they also argue, child is small so they cannt find job and work, so they need maintenance too, and indian judiciary will awared it.
    out of all judgments most women deny to give even visitation to father but they want money from husband.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. rekha_s

    answer: NO- In that case, I will give him counter proposal to stay with me for the sake of child. that would be the best interest of the child if father and mother is with the child.

    if the father borrows or steals he is still going to give uncertain future to the child. mother too can provide luxurious life to the child by unethical ways. but is it right?? will your principles or conscious permit.

    even in animals new borns are raised by mother in the early years of life. don't you think it is against nature.

    I will not accept such proposal till the child himself says without any influence. If father does not care for childs maintenance then I will myself take care of the childs need and provide whatever best i can. at the same time allow father to meet the child whenever he want irrespective whether he gives maitenance or his marital status.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. dearverma

    "beg, borrow or steal" i take back thse words. that was sarcasm, not meant to be actual. but unfortunately u dont understand these. i meant father will provide much more than what court awards as child maintenance.

    ur answer NO. so u pick ur own interest over's child interest even though knowing that ur husband can earn more than u and provide him a much comfortable life.

    "even in animals". thats y they are animals. there are umpteen instances where a man successfully raises a child.

    "child himself says" when will the child say after 5 years after being all the while will mother??? who are you kidding.

    "allow father to meet the child whenever he want" appreciate this. have u proposed this to him?
    most women cunningly say this i have never stopped u. come to my parents house and meet child whenever u want. even if her parents are living far away and the husband and his parents are insulted there.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. rekha_s

    In some cases court has given child custody to father above 5 years considering welfare of the child.
    how painful it must be for the mother who has carried the child inside her for nine months and under her care for 5 years.

    not only animal.. but also birds, insects too. there are also umpteen instances where single mother has sucessfully raised childrens many of them are sucessful man/woman.

    I did not have to propose. I felt it was necessary for child to have a father figure in his life. y should our child not have a normal upbringing.

    why not make some arrangment to meet the child outside parks or malls etc with some written terms if someone has so many apprehensions.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  5. kandarp2001ktv

    Listen dear victims husbands and victims wives,

    This forum is purely for victims husbands who are victimised by their respective wives, so we are not ready to listen those girls,womens,wives,etc who are victimised by their father,husband,brother,male inlaws or their own relative or non relative males of the society and so whoever ladies are coming in this forum we request them to not to comment on males as we all are here victims males and husbands who are harrashed by our wives respectively.

    we do understand that society is full of devils males are also bad and females are also bad, mother of a boy is also bad and mother of a girl is also bad and father of boy is also bad and father of a girl is also bad, in our society all politicians, government employees,judiciary,military,airforce,army,raw,intelligence dept,cbi,and all means all private companies and general public majority are corrupted and majority peoples of india are bad in one or the other sense. That doesnt mean good peoples are not there in india or world. so here evenif we may be bad in one sense or one type but we may be good in other sense or other types. like wise you also who are coming here to comment. so please dont show in this forum to our males who are victims made by our respective wives. This forum is strictly for males who are victims from their wives and any feminian persons who are either some or the other way victimised by their relative or non relative counterpart males then please do contact your womens cell and their your compaline and your problems to them police is there, governmnet is their who are supporting womens of india and world very easily and we are not against that. we indian males are against those wives and females who dont want to stay with their husbands or wrongly catching their husbands and their familes into wrong cases and doing bad to them, ya we are concerned about those who are asking for dowery and killing innocent womens for dowery or due to cruelity we condemn such things and as it is not in your hands to book them in laws as laws are so problematic that evenif culprits runaway from laws and innocents are tapped in laws and booked for noreasons. so we dont want to fight with those females who are victims by males and as such now no women can say it is a male dominated india as india is already changed in all senses, majority of womens, girls and females except old aged mothers all are showing their bra,boobs,butgs in open while wearing mini short skirts and even many girls use to say that we have so we show so what we males can do if in a television or in a movie in thearture if this katrina kaif, or malika arorra, amrita arroora,or priyanka chopra,rakhi sawant or anyother malika sherawat all these or many other ladies goes open in market then rape happens by other wrong doer males then we innocent males are not responsible anyhow for such a female dominated society of india, females wants respect but dont want to wear simple and proper clothes to cover their body parts from public and due to such support by womens themselves and due to such heroiens and these bad males who are supporting this system of exposing such senario has happend if we say u dont show your body then females says ya we are living in 21st centruy and so we are having freedom from all and all males and then they do so and ultimately other females have to face rape victim cases by bad boys and also many females provok male communities by doing work of selling body of their own. so dont say all womens are devi's and all mens are devtas, we know that majority of males are not good of world then dont feel good you all womens are majority of womens are also nagins and rands,and enjoying 2 or 3 or many males as they feel good and they feel like so here we are not talking about males who has did bad to womens, we support those victims womens who are really innocent our simpathy is with her and we are also ready to fight for them but you also know the system which gives women immunity is taking away that very immunity by giving exposing free hands to females so such problematic cases happens, so if india is male dominated then it is also female dominated and this forum is for anti female domination who are worngly harrsing their own husband and their husband families in which women as mother of husband and daughter of husband also comes so husband also have many females as their relatives apart from bad wives, so we are not fighting alone for husbands or males but also for our mothers and sisters and daughters and also we love our wife but they dont want to love us or they have other boy to enjoy with then what we can do and so they do such criminal activity to harrash us by wrongly imposing cases on victims husband, that doesnt mean all womens or females are devils ya many females are like mataji and like devi and they also sacrifice then what any male may do but that doesnt mean females are baaps of all and not we expect males as baaps of all females no we want equality in all matters and that we are ready to support but not on terms of those females who are victimising males for no reason. if a female gets full rights then it is 100% needed that equally all males also should get full rights in visitation of their child parentail custody of their child either boy or girl and also equal rights if any male is asking for dowery then hang him till death we are ready to support but if any female does wrong cases then also hang such ladies and their father and mother also till death so the society will understand what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. we dont suppport male terririsom in any kind on females but we also ready to fight against any terrrisom by any females on innocent males. that also needs to be understood by all females of society of india and world. equality means equality on all backgrounds and law also needs to give punishments on equality basis who is culrpit either male or female will be given full punishment on proof background and not on false compalin either by male or by female. thats it.. i am sorry for using bad words here but i cant help it to use it as wihtout that i cant able to make you all understand what i want to say..

    Posted 6 years ago #
  6. kandarp2001ktv

    According to me about parential rights, it should be equal, there are 3 options:-

    1. child boy or girl stays with mother and daily father gets chance to meet their child for 2 hours or 4 hours as per the mutual understading and time available from both sides and consent from both sides to meet the child at some place like temple, or fatherside relatives or some common friends area or court as mother who is apparted from father will not going to give chance to father to meet at her own place. so . this is one option.

    2. child boy or girl stays with father and daily mother gets chance to meet their child for 2 hours or 4 hours as per the mutual understanding and time available from both sides and consent from both sides to meet the child at father's place as always fatherside i hope so will not be so arrogent like motherside (wifeside) to not to get access to childs mother at their own place, but yet if it is so then mother can meet their child at their own relatives or some common friends or court or any good decided place like garden or any good and safe place for all. this is no 2 option.

    3. child boy or girl stays 15 days with mother and 15 days with father if they both are staying in same city or if they are staying in different citites then option one or two will be choosen off. and if option 3 is also not accepteable, then last option is let the child stay with mother up to 5 years as it is legal necessity and also physical necessity of a child to stay with mother till 5 years and then lets have a legal fight and legal battle for the safety and good of childs future who is more powerfull and who is more moneyed and wealthy and healthy and of good sound mind and money will win the legal battle for making childs future good but in that case also may be custody may go to mother or father as per the strength of eachone but other one must get visitation rights to meet their child within a weeks time or 15days time atleast 2 hours in a week or 15 days or 1 monthly atleast to meet their child but without giving chance to father or mother on some good background it is not good for child's development and not in the interest of mother or father to have child apparted from anyone side and it is very bad to not to give chance to meet either side to their child for no reason.

    so according to me maximum possible time to either mother or father needs to be given to meet their own child if they dont have the custody on mutual beneficial way by court needs to settle such things. but in reality it is not possible as laws are bais in this matter also.. so sad...

    Posted 6 years ago #
  7. rekha_s

    while using words like nagins and r**** please also think about your mother, sisters and daughters when you are here to say "so we are not fighting alone for husbands or males but also for our mothers and sisters and daughters"-

    also we love our wife but they dont want to love us- Mr. kandarp2001ktv why will your wife love u if you do not respect her. most problems starts from here.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  8. rekha_s

    even if you are not able to visit the child for any reason. you should have an arrangment to talk to the child for some time on regular basis.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  9. Dr.Dsouza

    Rekha; you say. in some cases court has given custody to father and its painfull to mother.
    but most of the cases women get custody, and most fathers left out without child, so thats not painfull to men ?
    very few fathers get custody so very few wemen are painfull,...!

    im also fighting for my son custody for last 12 years and court not even gave me, visitation rights, and went to HC and after 12 years i got visitation just for 1 day and when i went to her house they were ready with abusive words and did`t allowed me to meet my son.
    when i reported this to court, court ask proofs of their abusive words.
    thats how indian courts works.
    they delayed for 12 years and now court says why i did`t met my son for 12 years.
    what a joke.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  10. Dr.Dsouza

    u say "Mr. kandarp2001ktv why will your wife love u if you do not respect her"
    respect will not come just like that...
    give respect and take respect.
    how many today women know, how to respect husband. ?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  11. kandarp2001ktv

    Dr.Dsouza, Please dont fight for me, as I have got practice of my wife was misbehaving with me like this only that i dont give her respect and love inspite of i was giving her respect and love so their is no proof of such things, respect is a way of action, which is positive and lovely and understanding with maturity to show your warth to other person. Here I have used some bad words not for rekha or to mywife or any ladies of my family as they are not like that, but ya in society as rekha is saying that males are bad as she has right to say as she is vicitim of her husband but she also dont want other husband who are vicitims of some bad ladies under whom my wife has come and is infulenced by those bad ladies so my wife took such decision, and so i was using such bad words for those ladies who infulenced my wife to take such a bad decision and so i wrote that i love my wife as i do always yet love her and will always, but that i need not to show to this victimised rekha and i need not to prove her as who is she to me nothing so let her say what she wants to say, as i believe that, she is so much victimised by her husband and so she sees in every male her husband (i have sympathy for her.. bechari..) and so evenif it is my blog where she and i dont have any relations then also from somewhere came out like jansi ki rani and started verbal sword fightting with me and i feel to laugh at her as i feel she has understood me as her husband and so if she has understood me as her husband as without relations with me she came to fight with me that only shows she sees her husband in me and so as i told you that i love my wife and it is my wife has left me so if this rekha herself understand me as her husband so then i have to show my love for my wife so i beared it that on this talk she is like my wife so what i can say i have to keep silence so i have not replied her anything let her feel like, khisyani beeli khambha noche.. so let her say what she likes we are like elephants that anybody barks we dont feel bad only we feel fear of God and no one else. so let her be feel like khisyani beeli khambha noche.. and i know that she is not my wife but she started a verbal fight with me so i understood that she is so much victimised by her husband that she sees every male as her husband and i do respect her also that ok your are allowed to think like whatever you wish to think for me or for all males as when a wife is right against her husband and husband has did bad then she always behaves like a khisyani beeli khambha noche.. so Dr Desouza, let her be free she is under very big trauma i dont want to increase her trauma i feel much petty for her and i feel we should help her as these so called women cell are also not helping her so she has came to this forum where all victims husbands are meeting, so may be she has come here to find out some victim husband who can take care of her but rekha sorry i dont want to marry again so i will not take interest in you much,you may find other peoples who are interested in you who are victims of husband i feel sorry for your case and you.. please take care and enjoy life up to fullest and dont go in any others personal life without knowing the facts or else u have to listen much which may your husband might have made u understand but i think u have not followed of him so u feel your husband is bad. anyway it is your personal issue you can enjoy the way u like for me i am khyisana bela khambha noche type of feelings is not there for me i have aanadi raaja pari ko manaye, pari hi hai to samaj na payee.. aanandi raaja pari ko manaye.. her u r not the pari it is my wife who is more than a pari but you cant write for your husband like this as you are khisyani beli khambha noche... anyway please dont see me later as i am not your husband and dont comment on my blog much or else you will enjoy more then this.. thankyou mr. dr desouza to give me a way to speak to you about it.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  12. rekha_s

    After reading about me in the above post i feel Mr. kandarp2001ktv seems to be having some psychological problem. he is imagining things. first of all it is not your blog it is a internet forum where I have expressed my views. I do not think I am a victimised by my husband nor I imagine anyone as my husband.

    Educated woman who has been though divorce or separation can rebuild her life but the innocent child has to bear the burnt of the divorce and cannot have normal upbringing. non custodial parent too is not happy in this situation.if they cannot live together in harmony they still can do what best they can for the child to give him normal childhood (living separately). time will not wait for anyone.

    Dr. Dsouza, why was that you had to wait for 12 years if father has visitation rights?

    Posted 6 years ago #

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