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inheritance in case of extra marital affairs

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  1. anusha

    hi all,
    my parents stay separate but are not yet divorced and have stayed away from each other since 1992. offlate i found out that my dad has an extra marital affair with a widow who happens to be his brothers wife. she has a son from her first marriage and none from my father. i was just wondering if the lady or her son could make a claim in my dads self acquired property if in case there is no will. and if in case thr is a will does it have any weightage?? will the separation o my parents for so long equate and stand equal to being divorced??

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. Dr.Dsouza

    Staying away is not enough you have to get legal divorce. but this much duration is valid ground for divorce.
    unless there is some legal agreement or bond or fathers will other lady/son cant claim anything.
    but other lady is staying with your father as a husband and wife then its counted as live in relation and she has rights too.
    Please browse for relavent judgments

    Posted 7 years ago #

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