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newly wedded bridegroom seeks divorce

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  1. kalv

    One of my relative got married in a hurry. On the marriage night, bride told her in-laws that she is in love with some one whom she cannot marry for quite some time. When her family forced her to marry she could not say no (out of several reasons) and that she could not remain with her new husband as a wife either. She wanted to run away next day. Her family was informed of the matter. But because of society, girls family don't want to take the matter to the court. What can this boy do when he won't get the divorce or annulment. This boy is NRI and has no family in India either to take his case with them. If he don't come back or contact this girls family for one year and neither this girl agrees to compromise - what will happen then. If she will be forced to go back to her in-laws she will commit suicide. I don't understand her frame of mind at all. Bride's family at all costs want to hush-hush the matter. Girl wants to buy time and she will get that but this boy wanted a wife and got decieved with bleak future ahead.

    Please help...

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. Dr.Dsouza

    If boy has no family in india, then where she stays ?
    if she stays at her home and boy went abroad then they easily claim that boy left her, whatever that reason may be.
    he can find a lawyer with some friends, or can come to india as she got married and file for divorce with valid reason.

    Posted 6 years ago #

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