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  1. rekha_s

    this anger management subject should be thought alongwith social ethics to both the genders. country can never progrss without women being educated. Educated women knows her rights and have courage to fight back against any injustice done to her. man who has done injustice will have to face consequences( same with women)

    "But in our society women is abla naari dukhiaari who brings dukh to everybody"-

    that means if you keep you woman happy, she will keep everyone happy... so why make women unhappy and make yourself and your family also unhappy.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. Dr.Dsouza

    if man keep his women happy what she will do in return....?
    as a women.
    can you define responsibility of India women towards her husband/home ?
    and these responsibilities man should not get paying less from servents/outsiders than what he spend on his wife.
    Please name some.
    and also let us know what to do to a women who run away with all husband property which he made in her name even after he spend all most all his salary on her, buy property in her name,gold, and insurence. and at last occupy his house and get restrain order from court.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. rekha_s

    marriage is for companionship and to have family. instead of saying responsibility towards husband/wife it is should be responsibility towards family then there will be no such issue. . eg. she cooks and you take up studies of your childrens/get groceries. if wife earns the income of her will be used for family expenses. your wife or you will not take family property with you when you die. if you give respect and love the same you will get in return. when you love you give everything and when you hate you take everything or just stop giving????? when there is marital discord and it is impossible for partners to stay together, cannot make compromises and change themselves atleast for the sake of childrens then it is better to part with due respect. due respect can also mean giving her financial assistance to sustain her life (if she is not been working)& childs life. I cannot judge what circumstances made her run(leave your house) but it would have been avoided if you had talked with her and resolved her grieviances. life is very small.. and we have one life to live.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. Dr.Dsouza

    Indian society / Law teach responsibilities only to man.
    he has to do this and that his wife, if you go to any book shop, you will find hundreds of books/articles
    about women,
    how to win her heart
    How to treat her;
    How to seduce her
    and you hardly find any or very few about man; how to treat a man.

    i dont understand why you are saying agains and again that man has to support his wife.when she do not want him why she want his money. they have to part mutually, but hardly few women do this, they all harass him, even they know in some cases they will not win and they have free legal support they sue him.
    its father responsibility to share half of the child support, or she cannt bare half she has to hand over child to father instead fighting. but how many women do this.
    coz they want money in the name of child too.
    as you bringup my matter in this thread, i wanted my marriage to long last, even after 10 years of my fight in divorce, just before final verdict, i called her after tracing her number.
    i hardly pronounce word PLEASE.
    still i said Please come back.
    you know what she said...
    If i call again she will report it to police and never dream that she will come back.
    i was not pathetic or leading miserable life, i was earning 10 times more than what i was earning when she was with me.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  5. rekha_s

    one has no control on another person's behaviour/action. Human nature is very complex. it is not human but even in animals or bird you can see male trying to get attention/attract female for reproduction. so it is natural instict. parting is very painful and i can see the frustration in you. and more when you have kid. Kid is not a property of mother or father. In the early years of child it is mother who is in better position to take care. you cannot defy nature. ( see the animals and birds aroung you). child will not want to live the mother unless she is been very cruel. it is not right to take away the child suddenly. what is wrong if you let child live with the mother and you have visitation rights. in this way the child will have both mother and father in his life. and because the child is also yours you too are responsibile for paying your share. your wife is also contributing towards welfare not in terms of money by taking care. you did whatever you can to save this marriage you said PLEASE. one cannot force anyone to stay with you for whatever reason. may be she is not happy with you at all. you may not be compatible . move on in your life instead of living in past. money is needed to sustain life. but there are people who have too much money but do not have peace . instead of expecting one positive step from your wife. why not you take the first step and give her what ever support she needs at the moment. after all she is mother of your child. believe me you will not loose anything. you will be out of all the problems very soon. get well soon....:-)

    Posted 6 years ago #
  6. Dr.Dsouza

    Show me one Indian women file petition to force Father to visit child at least once in a month.
    coz 101% women give all false statements and evidence to avoid Father.
    coz they know, if Father is allowed to visit, sooner than later she will lose the child.
    there are better fathers than mother.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  7. rekha_s

    I do not know about others, I have no intention of depriving child of his fathers love and affection irrespective of child support given, I have other ways to get the childs right for maintenance without effecting visitation rights.
    there will be many such women who are law abiding citizens.

    many of the father gets remarried after divorce and they give up visitation rights after they have there own childrens. why will he make his present wife and childrens insecure.

    one or two visits cannot manupulate child's mind to leave his mother. it is irrelevent who is better as long as child himself wishes to live with his mother. Child will not remain child all his life. He will have his own thought process and after he grows up if he desires to be with his father. why should anyone stop. if you cannot stop your wife/husband leaving you same way you cannot stop child leaving you. but forcefully taking and fraudulantely taking is wrong.

    if women is giving false statement and evidence you have every right to prove/defend your self if you are not guilty.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  8. sk_jha95

    U have written that in many cases father remarries, but there r other way around cases also. I know personally cases in which there was legal battle for child custody and lady got custody of the child. But after 2 years lady remarried and kid was sent to orphanage. When father came to know about that then he got child custody.
    In most of the cases even visitation rights of father is contested and I totally agree with Dr.Dsouza that in most of the cases mother never want visitation rights given to father.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  9. Dr.Dsouza

    Very few Father deny givingup visitation rights. and women affraid becuase child will know that truth from father which she told about him, as most mothers tell all BAD things about father. when Child grownup even child will not go to Father but start hating mother because of all her lies. there justice delivered by child.

    We have many members who fought for custody and still fighting, if you think all men are like your husband then you are wrong.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  10. rekha_s

    if women denies visitation rights. you can always initiate legal action. need of companion will always be there whether you have childrens or not. if a woman desires to remarry does not mean that you take the custody of the child. if her present partner accepts the child also why should she send the child to orphanage why not to the father. there will be some problem. we cannot understand unless we know the actual facts.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  11. Dr.Dsouza

    it is very easy to say " if women denies visitation rights you can always initiate legal action".
    but in indian courts there is no remedy or man cannt take any action because of judges attitude.
    coz i myself gone through this.
    for 5 years judge just gave dates after date without giving any intrim visitation then at last he said Father has not met child for 5 years, and petition dismissed without any remedy.
    Indian Law and judges know very well how to harass men.
    They gives next hearing dates as women asked but if man ask they dont listen.
    If women do not go to court judge will not take any action, if man is not present they threaten to dismiss case or pass order exparte against him.

    if women marry second time and her 2nd husband never take care of other mans child for sure. if he marry may be for something else

    Posted 6 years ago #
  12. sk_jha95

    Child was send to orphanage as this was condition of marriage of lady and child was not send to his biological father only for sadistic pleasure. She does not wanted her husband to enjoy. Now both kid and his father are happy. Child is only 6 years old but his father is taking full responsibility. This is stupid to say that only mother can take care of kids and not father.

    Posted 6 years ago #

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