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  1. rekha_s

    what wife wanted she got the child's maintenance as well as information on 498a case status in these 4 days. it is waste of time and energy to discuss here anymore.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. Dr.Dsouza

    Im not telling what diabetis person has to do; but my question is how someone will get diabetes even at this young age unless he or she eat outside food, and stick her/his **** in front of TV or gossiping instead doing some house work and expect even underwear washed by others.
    and im sure you are around 30 years of age and its too early to be on medicine.

    Common sense in cooking is what other want, not what you want to serv. then comes love.
    yea true people are not born with cooking skils, but its a shame women is challenged by a man in cooking. and i can challenge any famous CHEFS in cooking and im sure im a MAN.

    i did`t born with cooking skills but i mastered it. it takes WILL to learn, you do not want to talk about it coz you do not know cooking for sure.

    Let me know what you have given to your husband and i will tell you what he has done for you.

    so you got it what you wanted.
    and i predicted that before
    Todays Indian women want to reap where they dont sow;
    instead jo boyega woh kayega.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  3. humanbeing


    Yes! Child care is a full time job...and father has to pay for maintenance, while the mother is not working even if he is not living with the child...even if the mother is a post graduate or PHD...she has all the right in the world to take a break to raise her child!!

    2) Infant care is a mother's biological can't fight nature........unless situation is extreme!!

    3) You seem to be quite aggrieved that women don't like cooking these days!! Who decided that ovaries are cooking organs....?...Bunch of women haters??? How is she disqualifies from her other skills coz she doesn't like cooking!!

    4) Your statistics about 98% of 498A cases are false--what is the source??fabricated lies??...I'll say 100% women haters writing on forums are liars--don't ask me the source..unless you come up with authentic sources yourself!!

    5) YES...laws need to favor women...because some men had created inequality right from the beginning...who decided that women should sacrifice for everyone and everything in man's household..??Why do you men think that being a man gives you the license to demand that u need not care for her parents but she owes you and your parents her life's happiness!!And all of this just because she has ovaries??? you know that working women are made to work harder than men, coz they are expected to work at home too...even though they are physically weaker??..You are very fond of fabricating statistics.,,,yeah..98% and!!!Go find out some statistics on how many men equally share household work if their wives are working too???

    6) You hate gender based laws...but you are ok with gender based you yourself said women are supposed to cook and wash for men..(maybe even die for them if it were in your hands)......Are you UNAWARE and completely INNOCENT in the matter of gender based inequality........?????

    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. rekha_s

    well said.. thanks

    Posted 6 years ago #
  5. Dr.Dsouza

    Why man has to pay when he do not get even child visitation, as mother think child is her property ?
    Even i seen many women refuse to add Fathers names in Child birth cirtificate too (Coz she only knows who is the real Father) but when matter of Child support comes she want money from her husband.
    Men have no problem paying child maitenance but she has to show all that money spent on child only... and half of the money she should pay.

    In the name of Infant care todays women want money from husband, there are men who take care of child better than women other than breast feed. and todays most women do not brestfeed too because they affaird and care more about their beauty.

    i did`t said all women dosnt like to cook. i just said almost all Chefs are men

    seach google for 498a misuse and renuka chaudrary and you will get news link what she said. She admited 98% 498a are false and its men time to suffer.
    there are study reports and court records where only 2% convicted under 498A.
    <B>WHY ? </B>

    You said "...because some men had created inequality right from the beginning" so whats other men fault who suffer because of todays gender biased laws. Todays most women think only her brother/Father are saints and all other men are villains.

    You women use big Word as sactifies instead house hold responsibility. what sacrifies you do. do not think men get whatever women think sacrified for her husband.
    just read this you will get clear idea about what im talking about

    yes i know how women are working in India, most of the time they gossip around and waste time. and i also know you are in New jersey and i very well know how women are treated their too. why they have to work at home too, if they pay half of the house BILLS they have right to ask husband for half work.

    have you seen in US any reservation for women in public transport ? but we have here in india. thats what we call gender based inequality. that should stop.

    last but not least, dont forget to read this [ GENDER EQUALITY -
    Empower Women by Disempowering Men ]

    Posted 6 years ago #
  6. humanbeing

    I don't understand your twisted logics D'souza....!! You mean if the woman is not earning equal to man..she cannot be treated fairly..!! mean..if a child has a rich father and a moderate earning/ or not earning mom....and the child can be in mother's the child needs to live in poverty...or do you expect the mother should sell her kidney or something to provide equal money for the child..!!! ..

    You really are saying men take better care of child.......I am yet to see a family where father is tending even one-fourth care to the child as the mom is....!!If you are quoting that beauty/breast feeding blog....for generalizing today's women...should I quote a beastly father's story to generalize what men are as dads!!Better stop generalizing on some loose blogs..

    Yes...child care money should be used for child care only..(mother can do with her maintenance money).!! But if the money is for child's accomodation...then mom will live in outhouse or what??.....

    You are asking whats today's man's if earlier men had created innocent is that!..Today's men are living that inequality, coz it suits them! I am YET TO SEE an Indian household where the tradition of inequality is not followed....Where men work equal hours as women,......give them equal respect...and consider her parents equally worthy respect and care as his own....!!

    Send me the link sir for your statistics...dont ask me to search google!

    Women working waste time gossiping???..huh!!..I do not know which world you live in.....coz real women WORK..and thats a woman talking to you!

    AGAIN the TWISTED LOGIC of PAYING HALF......what do you want-kill women who don't earn equal to their husbands, YET work equal hours, they deserve NO help at home?? she cannot pay half bills, as she is not making equal money--SO?...Its not about paying half......its about capacity and working hours and planning too.

    So according to you, again a woman who is earning less than her husband should be killed to over work to match her husband's earnings and savings...!!...and whatever is the dynamics you are talking about regarding lets assume her money not used to pay bills, but is saved,...which is later on used to pay for their house down payment or NOT allowed house hold help.

    I think ANY working woman deserves equal help from her husband .....which is sadly not the case...same men make their wives over work.....these men shrug off their own share of responsibilities..and deny her maintenance money too..!!

    Posted 6 years ago #
  7. humanbeing

    And please....when I say equal hours of means understanding that physical work and mental work are NOT does NOT mean 8 hours of office work needs to be equated with 8 hours of physical work at home.....lets understand that household physical labor is more tiring, monotonous and laborious than sitting in an air-conditioned office job......

    For housewives and working husbands----8 hours of office job is equal to fewer hours of work at home(coz physical work is more tiring).......and like men, women need breaks and holidays etc......and few hours absolutely free for themselves...when they are not catering to family members demands.

    For women who work outside.......their husbands should not deposit their backs on couches, while wives are busy cooking dinners..!!

    And when you marry, you share your wealth equally...thats the basic thing....if you don't like to share YOUR money with some-one who is earning less than you.....simply DON'T marry a woman who is making less!!...(but dont expect one sided slavery..... !).....and if you are soooooo proud of making bigger bucks than her, that ypu are able to provide more than her-trust me you'll face the music soon!.....Aap zaada kamaate hain .....isliye equality nahi chaahiye..ghar ka kaam nahi karnaa.....usko baraabar nahi samajhnaa under pretext of male ego/customs theek hai- fir paise bharo for the times you have lived with her...she will take her share atleast while going-if she couldnt take it while she was living with you!

    Posted 6 years ago #
  8. Dr.Dsouza

    Todays world women cannt earn money to live normaly ?
    They have all opertunities and government schemes if they wish they can get jobs and earn well. i have sisters and cousins too, they all earn and indepent and even some girls earn more than their brothers. do not tell century old indian stories OK.

    so far you have`t seen a man take care of his child, here is one read this

    read this "Karan Thapar: If 98 per cent of the cases brought under the dowry laws, as I told you, turn out to be false - according to statistics given by the Centre for Social Justice - if the Supreme Court itself has opined on the subject roughly at the same time last year, I am sure you don’t need to add to the bad laws by creating more. " [ Ref : ]

    if women expect equal house work from husband then she should pay half household bills too, thats EQUALITY as per me.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  9. Dr.Dsouza

    Men dont marry women for money, todays most marriages are Dowry less nor girl side gives anyhting to men. but today women one they married to men they say.
    mai roti bhelne ke liye faida nahi hui.
    Im not your Slave to do your House work.
    I never been to Kitchen in my Fathers house.
    Hamare ghar mai naukar the....

    these are common words.

    if today women do not want to cook at husband home, let them run the house, many men are happy to cook.
    unfortunatly that also they cannt do.
    and most earning women do not give money to pay bills. if they deposite thats ok Man should not deposit as per Feminists.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  10. humanbeing

    I think you have not seen the world enough Mr Dsouza!! You really think in all the marriages earning capacity of men and women is same.? When men follow women...they are driven by their beauty and want her to marry them(even if she is NOT earning equal..they cant control their urges to marry beautiful, decorative women)...make all the marital promises........when all they want is a decorative maid servant, and if she doesn't earn equal to him (which if you have ANY awareness of statistics, as you go overboard in claiming, you will know that its NOT necessary that equal earning people get married).....they start exploiting her like evil zamindaars exploited slaves.....according to them, to keep par with him--she has to earn equal , and if she cannot .........she has to make up by working extra hard at home...while they can enjoy in couches and make her dance to their tunes....!!! You think men are innocent creatures...they are manipulative people...who want the best of both worlds....while choosing the conveniently convoluted some of your own logics Mr Dsouza...!!!

    Ha !! So You THINK......equal hours is NOTHING.....if she cannot earn equal...EXPLOIT her to the core because poor thing has committed a crime of marrying a guy earning higher than her!!(YOU ARE living in a world of delusion if YOU think all marriages are between people who earn equal..ask men their choices...!!)

    And YOU dont quote rare incidences, as general representation ..OK!!

    and you think men dont marry women for money and dowry...which world are you living in??almost EVERY one expects dowry...and almost people are disappointed with what they get while they compare themselves to others....!! You think women are evil and men are made of pure really are so oblivious to the evil nature of man that is going from bad to worse??

    I am glad women say all that stiff.........if men think they are slaves .....good they give it back to them. "Many men are happy to cook"...excuse me many....and have you heard of dividing many men fairly divide the about numbers ...go carry a survey'll be ashamed of the laziness and mean-ness of your gender , you still havent answered ..if women work equal hours-how much housework sharing are they entitled to..??

    "Many women do not give money to pay bills"...Pray tell me what happens to that money eventually...who benefits...her papa? her mummy? her boyfriend?.........which world are you living in?? I know men who use their wives earnings to purchase properties.....!!! .......Earnings ghar mei aati hain to ghar mei hee use hoti hain...most women don't eat up or keep it aside to build a gold graveyard for theimeselves of their money! dont men enjoy that beneit of financial security??

    Posted 6 years ago #
  11. Dr.Dsouza

    I seen more countries than you, and every city in India,you may be fly only between India and US only.

    // When men follow women...they are driven by their beauty and want her to marry them(even if she is NOT earning equal..they cant control their urges to marry beautiful, decorative women)...

    Women are too clever to seduce/trap men with their inch thick makeup, if these men see them early morning without makeup, they will forget marrying her, or any women unless they find her attractive without makeup.same crude truth from you. (decorative women) rightly said.

    you know for last 10 years Divorce arte in India jumped 40% from 5% because of your type of mentality and Legal Terrorism by women.You women do not want to take house responsibility(if not working) they think men going to office/work for party. Travelling to work in Bombay/Delhi/Calcutta/Bangalore is BIG headache than working whole day.

    There is nothing manipulative in men, if women understand her duty and responsibility towards family.

    I can show thousands men who did`t got anything from his wife, including me, unfortunalty my wife bought her 2 Dogs(****)s too, and now its my responsibility to raise them too.

    //Many women do not give money to pay bills"...Pray tell me what happens to that money eventually...who benefits...her papa? her mummy? her boyfriend ?.........

    Yes she spends on her family and another truth from you [her boyfriend] haha

    thank you for the many hidden truths, we know all this.

    You know men purchase property from wife money....! but i know many women send husband money to her parents, and on any occasion in her house her husband has to give expensive gifts her relatives, they will occupy his home, her sister/brothers stay permanently and work/study and he has no right to say anything than just pay their bills.even some Brother in laws use his cloths/**** too.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  12. lawvictim

    Dr. D'Souza, every post by you in this thread is very well said.
    Every comment of Human being and Rekha displays what the women are these days. They are ARGUMENTATIVE and JUDGEMENTAL. That's all. What they say is RIGHT, no matter what they say. Marriages are falling apart because Indian women wants to live like western women, but she does not want to fulfill her duties liek western women. Western women are very smart and active they cook, they clean, they take care of their kids, they respect their husband, on top of it they work too. Husband does the same. But in our society women is abla naari dukhiaari who brings dukh to everybody. I think it should be fixed now. In schools we need introduce one more subject and that is "Anger management" Women are behaving like this only out of anger and then to maintain that anger they behave foolishly.

    Posted 6 years ago #

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