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  1. rekha_s

    child who has been with the mother 24/7 since he/she is born will obviously choose mother to father in case if we ask and if the child is able to speak. (assuming the mother is not cruel to the child). if mother has left her career to take care of the child proves that mother is not cruel. mother and father both have equal role to play in child it right to ask the child who is less than two years to choose between mother and father? and also to take away the child who is still dependend on mother for nurishment.

    giving access of child irrespective whether maintenace is given shows that child is not deprived of father love and comfort. Child when he grows up will have his own thinking. who knows how many of us will live that long. even the childrens with normal life and both parents together do not look after their old parents when they grow up. but is it right to expect any thing in return for giving life and upbringing of the child.

    different people behave differently in the same situation.

    where the husband is in good position and earning well there is no question of mother in law doing house work. what if wife cooks (even though cook is there )but husband and in laws still do not like it.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. Dr.Dsouza

    Todays children depend on mothers....? or TIN food
    I have not seen todays much women breast feed, coz every nook and corner of the country you get AMUL/nestle prodcuts. Todays women more care about their beauty than Child.
    Child always take Mother side when small, but i foundout real value of Father when i passed elementry and after that i never felt any need of mother than Father. and i seen other fatherless children struggling lead and live a descent life.

    For real Indian Mother cooking for her Children is showing her Love,Her son may be earning in millions still, if she really care for him, she will cook even she is sick. and most of us aft for home food than 5 is said mans heart through food. but when man marry everything changes, todays women do not want to cook....!
    sorry sorry they dunno how to cook

    They want outside food, they do not want to findout what type of food husband and his family and blame saying in laws do not like her food. and if MIL correct her she will get angry, then everything start to break...

    Posted 7 years ago #
  3. Dr.Dsouza

    We are not here to prove who is right and who is wrong.
    coz there is support for Modern women, whatever they do is right and all others are wrong. and thats specilay in india. because of Feminists our government try Empower Women by Disempowering Men

    if you want to know what Gender equality really means, Read this and you or any modern women never agree for single word out of it.

    Coz you women want to reap where you dont sow.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  4. rekha_s

    not all mothers are fortunate to breast feed their childrens. there can be medical reasons too. eg mother is diabetic depending on medicines/ she is under nurished, she is not able to produce sufficient milk, mother of twins or quadruplicate etc . breast feeding is important in first six months of the childs life. amul/nestle products are suppliment to the mothers milk. even if she is feeding amul/nestle products she is not keeping the child hungry. mother who have breast feeded the child are more beautiful. they loose the unwanted weight they have gained during the pregnancy.

    mother and father both are important for a child. you ask the child who has lost his father/mother he can tell better. luv towards child can be expressed in different way not necessarily by cooking. a simple hug without a word is also enough.

    there are many man who are not able to eat home food because of their work schedule or travels. some man do not eat at home even though their wife cook just to show their anger.

    if man hearts is through stomach. that means woman are different they do not have heart or stomach?? all 5 star hotels have male cooks that prooves man can cook better than woman. nobody is perfect. you can expect a wife to be a very cook she may not have cooking skills. she come from a different back ground. adapting to a different environment does take time. one should also understand that she had left her parents house to stay with you. what if you also help her. is it not right to share the responsibility. what if you both cook and serve your mother for a change. that will show your affection to your mother and also to your wife. this small small changes could have made difference.

    modern woman go to work, cook food, manage home, look after childrens, take up their studies. their responsibilities have doubled so what if man share some responsibility. Also remember your mother, sister or daughter are also woman.

    two persons can not have same thinking and preferences. so there is bound to be differences of opinions.
    wrong or right can be decided by a third person somebody who is unbaised.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  5. Dr.Dsouza

    We all growup without nestle/amul TIN food. our mothers are not diabetic even today.
    Why todays women only get diabetic and give excuse to breast feed,
    coz they like to eat out,
    they do not want to cook at home, healthy food.
    they want servents.

    our mothers even today respect their husbands, and husband gave locker key in his wifes hand, thats LOVE and understanding, today women designed to run away anytime and they have ample excuses and reasons, and they do not have slight respect for them, but they demand Locker key only.

    men dont eat at home not to show their anger but wife is failed to cook his type of food and offcourse she did`t cook with Love.

    most of the chefs, sorry Famous chefs are men not Women.If women is not capable to find a job or job worth to lead normal life she should learn cooking at least.You are not ashmed to say "she may not have cooking skills"
    it is said Kitchen is women domain, at least in india. same i gave my wife 2 option COOK or pay house bills but she cannt do both, coz she never been to kitchen till marriage and she was telling paying bills is husband responsibility.
    so women should understand her responsibility 1st before teaching her husband what his responsibility is.
    if men and women chnage role man can learn cooking in at least in a month or so, can all women bring money and pay all house bills...?

    moral of the story women have all the excuses and men pay the bills only

    Posted 7 years ago #
  6. rekha_s

    this discussion has become quite interesting and entertaining . are you a medical doctor by profession? i am sure answer is 'NO'. you do not know what is diabetes and its causes and effect

    Posted 7 years ago #
  7. rekha_s

    love and respect is what a woman needs. and she will reciprocate it. problems happens when you have lot of expections. if you have true love you will eat even if she has not cooked properly. and learn by yourself and teach her.

    who are you to decided kitchen is womans domain or bedroom is mans domain.

    I feel really sorry for you. you really need to change your attitude. that is the reason one gets into problem.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  8. Ashish Agarwal


    Whatever time you are devoting to argue to support your action of filling Dowry Harrasment cases,Maitenance cases and custody cases on hubby and his family, if you would taken or devoted the same time and energy to reconcile with your hubby before filing the cases on him ...
    I think your life would have been much better by now.

    You are a Post Graduate in Qualification, you can easily maintain yourself and your child,Maintenance is only for those wifes who cannot maintain themselves.Now if you say you can't maintain yourself even after being a Post Graduate then its a simple ****.

    Nobody in this world will buy your action of filing cases on maintenance (if you are educated enough to maintain yourself and your child)

    Posted 7 years ago #
  9. rekha_s

    wifes fight is not for her maintenance. it is for child's maintenance and his right to live the life what he other wise would have led. it is not 'my' or 'your' child. it should be 'our' child. why he should suffer for his fathers actions.

    Life now is better than earlier though there are many challanges. life without dignity and self respect is meaningless. tolerating injustice is more grave crime than doing injustice.

    if wife/husband do not trust, respect and love each other.there is also no mutual understanding there will always be marital discord. no educated wife will tolerate. Divorce is anyway end result.

    if he had repented for his actions and asked for forgiveness, things would have been different.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  10. Dr.Dsouza

    YES I am a Docotor but not by profession, but my practice, you can find about my articles on Diabetes here

    As you define rules for men only saying " if you have true love you will eat even if she has not cooked properly" that means whatever she women cooked man has to eat, even she burnt it or taste/smell like S**T, why is that why dont you tell women, that she has to cook with LOVE...?
    Rules only for men ? why no rules for women.

    Where i said bedroom is Mans domain, its every Indian common man says Kitchen is women domain

    Posted 7 years ago #
  11. Dr.Dsouza

    Im not sure what dignity you are talking about, you have to ask Indian Common man who has more dignity in society
    Married women or Divorced women... and you know the truth.

    TRUST will not come by default just because you both married, its build on your sacrfies and deeds towards your partner.
    You women expect man to spend on her,buy gold and comfort what you are giving in return...? not even food with Love.
    as you wrote correctly, You want him to repent, instead saying i forgive you, coz todays modern Indian woman do not want to forgive,but they wanted to dictate him.
    that shows;
    To dominate, control and destroy a man`s finance, mental health, self-esteem and any hope for happiness.
    Todays Indian women want to reap where they dont sow. [ taken from :

    Posted 7 years ago #
  12. rekha_s

    diabetic person depending on medicines instead of insulin are not adviced to breast feed the baby for your information.

    wife who loves her husband will first taste the food herself and then give it her husband in general. cooking with common sense is more important than cooking with love. trial and error method is how new recipes are invented. people are not born with cooking skills. not everyone is perfect. you may not be good in things in which she is expert. why making cooking a issue.

    working (common) women is financially independent to buy what she wants.

    "TRUST will not come by default just because you both married, its build on your sacrfies and deeds towards your partner"- i agree what u said. his deeds are no good to be appreciated. what sacrifies he has done?? what about wife?

    Posted 7 years ago #

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