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can court cancel divorce petition

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  • Started 7 years ago by meena
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  1. meena

    i have a case were the girl abuses the boy, his family ,their name and honor by falsely stating dowry harassment to police station and walked out of the house. they do not have any kids.she had tormented the boy while living with him , and now being out of the house, she threaten them through after filing the case, she says she wants to live with the boy , but refuse to drop the police case(which were false). Harassed by the girls behavior during the time of being together and away from him,,the boy is vex about being married and strongly wants divorce.but the girl refuse to get divorce stating she want to correct the boy to her needs .but still he want, in this conflicting stage on need for divorce,does court have authority/give verdict to cancel the divorce applied by the boy and say that the boy is to live with the girl....boy is too vex about the whole thing....and says he will never marry again.this marriage was arranged marrage..boy wants to know whether court can force the boy to live with the girl (which the girl wants)

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  2. Dr.Dsouza

    Meena What u have to do with Boy ?

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  3. Adv.Kachave

    If already divorce is there, if both want to remarry they may do , but decree of divorce can not be cancelled.

    Adv.Ramchandra N.Kachave
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  4. akshu

    i am a victim of false 498A case which is moving at snail's pace in the court.Meanwhile she filed divorce case in family court along with maintenance petition even though she is working & earning a fat salary.however i do not have proof of her income with me.i too want divorce from her but do not want to pay any maintenance to her as she is too wicked ,has falsely implicated me and my parents and harassed me all along thro the marriage and has misused the law.she has also falsely accused me of impotency.Anyone PLease advice me as to how i can fight her legally?

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  5. sanjaymehra

    No court can order a boy or girl to live together. In a contested divorce, a court can delay a divorce or not grant it, but cannot force anyone to live together against their wishes. If there are no kids, sooner rather than later, the contesting party feels that it is not worth fighting and it is better to move on. A settlement can take place at such time. But till tempers run high and both or one wants to teach the other a lesson, no settlement can take place. In a contested situation, a woman's long term interest is in settling the case so she can move on. A man has less incentive because age does not treat men the same way as it treats a woman.
    So wait it out and sooner rather than later, this marriage will come to a solution. But till then patience and a firmness of resolve is advised.
    warm regards
    sanjay mehra

    Posted 7 years ago #

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