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  1. rajababu36

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a Businessman from South America [ Suriname ] got married in 2007, left India 4 days after marriage, she joined me after 4 months, did not like anything, I had to bring her back after 2 months, I went back to suriname with a promise from her that she would join me later, she refused to join me later and started writing letters to the Ministry here about Adultery and Cruelty in 2008, I had no choice but to Divorce her in late 2008, she came back with a Divorce [ Adultery, physical and mental cruelty ] and a DV in 2009, I am paying maintenance Rs 25,000/month, since 2009. [ judge in Magistrate court passed this based on ? DV happened in 2007 for 2 months in suriname and CDPO report given without investigation ( No body called me from CDPO ) ]

    At present, she has informed the Passport officer, that I have a Criminal case and NBW from magistrate court [ delay in responding to court order, which arrived late in the first place and delay in payment for 9 months ] I had a ' Stay order ' on this until now, at present the High court was about to decide the fate on ' Stay order ' just before that, my Passport has been ' Impounded ' by the Indian Embassy here before ' Certified Copy ' came out of court, the passport officer made his decision based on what published in High Court ' Web Page ' , which read as ' Dismissed '.

    I have appealed [ through a lawyer ] to the CPO, Patialia House and I have been promised a letter from CPO to Travel until the matter is resolved.

    1] How safe is it to travel with the letter from Chief Passport Officer ?
    2] Can I talk about Jurisdiction ? as everything happened outside India.
    3] CDPO report was given without investigation, can I raise questions on that ?

    Please help me in resolving these questions, I am still not a citizen of this country.


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  2. 498A_Crusader

    my Passport has been ' Impounded ' by the Indian Embassy here before
    I am still not a citizen of this country.

    If you are not Citizen of this country how indian Authority impound your passport...?

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  3. Adv.Kachave

    I have gone through your matter, it is better to quash the said proceedings by filing petition before the High Court. Otherwise she may file application for compelling your appearence.
    9821387099, 9224799546.

    Adv.Ramchandra N.Kachave
    98, 2nd floor, Esplanade Mansion,Kala Ghoda, Near City Civil Sessions Court,
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  4. rajababu36

    I am a CItizen of India, not Suriname, Sorry about that.

    Mr Advocate, Thanks, will do as you mentioned, as far as ' Jurisdiction Vs DV ' has anyone won a proceding talking about ' Jurisdiction ', if so, please let me know the details / points.
    Becouse in Mid 2008, while complaining to Ministry here, she also complained to ' Police Station ' here but she complained to Police station in India only in early 2009, after I Divorced her.

    As far as Passport ' Impounding ' is concered, How safe is it to Travel ? if I get a letter form CPO, won't they arrest me and send me to India ?


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  5. 498A_Crusader

    Find all Judgments on JURISDICTION here
    You will understand your situation better.
    When you get Letter from CPO,make sure to delete BLACK LISTED entry in immigration so no one will stop you.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  6. rajababu36

    Thanks, Admn.

    will do as you mentioned.


    Posted 7 years ago #
  7. rajababu36

    Emergency :

    Hello Everyone,

    My passport has been Impounded by the Govt. here yesterday because they received a notice from Indian Embassy.

    As you all know, I received a Impounding order from Indian Embassy, Suriname, on Friday, 5th Feb, asking me to appeal at Patilia House, I did that by Monday, 8th Feb, through a lawyer.

    the Passport Officer from Indian Embassy, 2 wks after appeal has informed the Govt. here about the Impounding Order, they have taken away my passport and planning to Deport me to India.

    I tried to reach CPO, he is on Holiday [ Friday ], the person-in-charge, is not ready to write a letter to this Govt. he is telling us wait for CPO [ Tuesday ] because Eid on Saturday and Holi on Monday both Holidays.

    My only chance is on Tuesday, I don't know what to do, is there anyone who can stop this 'Nonsense' please help me, as I am left with only Saturday.

    Thanks, Rajababu.

    Posted 7 years ago #

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