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Do the real women victims deserve contempt or support?

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  1. priya

    I am here to question if few bunch of fraud women who put up false cases against their husbands and in-laws, then are all the rest women viewed from the same angle and perception???

    The genuiness of girls who are the real victims is being doubted by all today. All think that the alimony she is demanding is unjustified and unreasonable. But i want to say that think of the poor parents who spend lacs on their daughter's happiness. Do they not deserve at least a percentage of their money spent on a ship-wreck so that they could at least re-build it to some extent.

    I agree women are much educated today and its useless in waiting for court's order to provide them maintenance or alimony from husband. But this is not a question of money is a question of balance and justice. A man who is the culprit...gets all the marriage gifts, all bride's gold and belongings and cash and after mis-treating her and her parents who flooded his bank accounts, walks away smilingly proclaiming that she was the culprit therefore i cant provide her anything. And further dis-honours her respect by putting up dirty charges against her and bribing all the lawmen to escape his faults and punishment. So where is the justice being done?

    Though some men in this forum genuinely helped and adviced me wisely but why the ratio is so small? The men today are abusing women publicily whether in courts or special forums like these, so disgustingly that it feels shame to even ask for help here.

    Even though if i have proofs of my husband's mis-conduct, so why does law and our fellow citizens doubt my words? Why are women treated so ruthlessly, as if we are the culprits of some sinuous crimes done to the society, even when we are the victims of the bad marriage and maltreatment?

    I have already filed for my mutual divorce and will definitely lead my life well after i get out my divorce case. I will for sure one day forget all the miseries{physical and mental} i have gone through. Not even this i would like to even help other women and men who need help. But dint i deserve some support or advice when i needed them most? Did i ask someone here to personally go with me to the court rooms or elsewhere to resolve my issues...all i asked for was some theoretical law knowledge? Am i suppose to shut my voice and move on by abstaining myself from demanding justice? Is it easy to live with this feeling that no one believes you because there are no. of false cases prevailing so frequently?

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. kutiyakakhasam

    Hi Priya,
    Are you sure that there are hand full of women who are fraud? Please make sure you have facts and figures in place before commenting. check the data where women suicide cases are half of the men because of broken marriage and false cases. There is less than 1% conviction in all marital disputes. I've all the proves with me where if taken seriously by our judiciary system then they would have dismissed the case on the first hearing but did i get justice from our corrupt judiciary system. Our judiciary system is so biased and corrupt that every day there is a death of justice.

    Priya now a days more than 95% 498a, DV and child custody cases filed in our so called justice department are FALSE and even our judges, lawyers and govt. know.

    Just ask yourself why the **** laws are so biased men cannot file cases like 4981 and DV against women, why there is no prosecution for all fraud women who put false cases on men and their families, aren't our mother and sisters not women, are we all men from VENUS and not from earth where you today's woman and our justice department treat us like aliens. Why 498a arrests are non-cognizable.

    Do you have answers to all this.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  3. 498A_Crusader

    Is your Father BAD or Brothers are Villains ?
    We do nto term all women are BAD as we have Mother and sisters too. and we do not term all women BAd because few Women file False case Against their husband,
    But whole Society / Legal system Term all men are villains, GUILTY till proven innocent even they are charged with False case.

    So Your answer lies in your own Question.

    Who get all the money, in divorce its women, even she is at Fault.
    Who get custody of child Even mother is Criminal / Fraud / or Prostitute

    I have example women filled Divorce and within a year she got the Divorce, and i fought 10 years for my Divorce.
    Mother kidnap child from custody of Father and kept it with someone else, when Father ask for visitation court ask him to deposit his Passport.

    This is crude Truth; and my own experience.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  4. priya

    Hi kutiyakakhasam,
    I do not agree at all with you that judiciary is biased. I am supporting this with a real example of my cousin. Last year my brother was screwed by his wife by putting up all false police and dowry and what not...cases against him. Even his parents were threatened to life and followed day and night by some local murderers. Not even this the girl even threatened to kill his relatives us and etc.
    But the judiciary with reasonable system of working considered my cousin's evidences and the case was still decided in my cousin's favour. And in the end the father of his wife also apologized to my cousin.
    So i think u should contact the right set of people for ur justice and not the ones who are just breeding on your money with no positive results.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  5. priya

    Hi Mr. Crusader ...i simply sympathize with your bad experiences. Also, i would like to state that do not think i am in any way against you. I totally agree with your valid point that ...GUilty till proven innocent. I respect your opinions. But all i want to say is that i hope atleast you would next time try to know the real situation before passing decisions about being guilty. The majority against someone ...doesn't automatically mean that the thing is bad.
    I am not here just to prove that women are right. I have in such a short span of my life even seen women who play games with the husband's innocence and money. So i totally vote for men's rights too. But if someone like you asks for help then i would patiently and positively listen to your end of story and not look for loopholes to go against your gender. Hence later if i find some doubts about your defaults then i would clear them up and not criticize or aggravate your problems further. Because that is not what u were seeking right? So be more open-minded.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  6. rripples

    Dear Priya,

    Grass always looks greener on the other side it might be your individual opinion but i do agree to all the **** volunteers bcause female being wrong also always gets the emotional and sympathtic fovour from the public whereas its nothing else than common and biased gender phenominal difference.
    U are talking about the arrange men even in the love marriage also facing the 498a and so there is no point of supporting such females who before filing such case are not event bothered about the aged relatives and the consequnses of the cases, so as you are being ignored because of such idiot females.

    Approaching police is just a method for them to seek a dominating place in a house but she forget once entering into police station she actually loose the left space of compromise too.

    do think and try to get the meaning of alimony from the boy side if money is being spent on marrige isit just from the girl side and not from the boy side.
    still she expect to extort more from the boy.

    Anyway still i keep faith in you if you are true.


    Posted 7 years ago #
  7. rripples

    you can correspond with me on

    Posted 7 years ago #
  8. gokulpr

    The answer will be known when you answer this question "Are all Men rapists, as many women leaders openly say"

    Posted 7 years ago #
  9. kutiyakakhasam

    Hi Priya,

    Can you please share with us how much time it took for your cousin to prove his innocence? Priya we are not saying that you are not a victim like us, all am saying that now a days most of the cases filed in courts are false which leads to cruelty on men but there is no remedy as our judiciary system will never punish a women and on top of it men is the one who end up supporting such kind of women throughout his life. Who is responsible for all the pain men are going through. Do women really think about WELFARE of our children, answer is BIG NO all they want is freedom and money.

    Today women treat men like ATM machine, they try to extract money from us as they are very well aware we being a father we foolish men can do anything for our own kid, but just step back and think again what our children has done wrong, why our children suffer, what is best for our children who haven't seen this world, they don't even know what is right and wrong, they cannot differentiate between BLACK AND WHITE.

    AAJ KI ABLA NARI is not at all thinking on these lines as they have closed their eyes and ears only thing they are worried about is MONEY and luxuries. In my case in my short marriage i've already given her more than 20 Lakhs and still facing DV and child custody case and that bi### is asking for maintenance and 25 Lakhs more.


    you can email me if you want more to discuss on this my email id is

    Posted 7 years ago #
  10. Ravi76

    Brothers and Sisters,

    Let us not have a gender fight. All we are fighting here is against the injustice. So be it men or women. So let us help people who have been flasely framed. The one thing which all men here fighting is that in the law it states that women or wife can state any thing and men has to prove for himself that all allegations are wrong. Also arresting even women who are pregrant and old people without any investigation is agaist humanity.

    Let us fight against the injustice be it men or women.

    I am facing a litigation without making any demands from the girl side. There was no harrasment done to the girl, all we asked is to stay together that is me, my parents and her. Today i have been wronged and me and my parents are facing allegations. So guide us on how to fight against the injustice.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  11. 498A_Crusader

    Ravi Please post your story in new thread, so members can guide you.

    No one is fighting, we are exchanging our ideas

    Posted 7 years ago #
  12. kutiyakakhasam

    Hi Ravi,
    Your thoughts are wise and most welcome, but as mentioned by Crusader, we are not fighting here we are speaking our minds and exchanging ideas. We are bringing facts and figures in front of people who are not aware. As we mentioned in our earlier messages as well that we are not saying there aren't genuine women who have been going through the tough time, our point is don't generalize as clearly mentioned in one of the post by GOKUL that "Are all Men rapists, as many women leaders openly say" .

    We are saying that now a days there are more than 95% cases filed in courts are false where our bitter halves take advantage of poorly drafted laws.

    Posted 7 years ago #

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