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Delayed justice leading to grief, pain and fear.

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  • Started 7 years ago by priya
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  1. kutiyakakhasam

    We also feel the same way the way you are feeling now, now do u understand the pain of a normal man, who has to go through all this **** because they loved their wives, who gave everything, even sacrifice their own lives and desires just to keep our wife happy.

    You are saying this because you are also a victim like us.

    It really hurts when your spouse put wrong allegation on you by saying that FATHER TRIED TO POISON his own KID because kid is a girl child.

    Madam world is very cruel, all innocent people have to face all this (whether its a man or a woman)

    Priya i would suggest just go to women cell and see how police treats men there, no matter how many proves you have and how much evidences you produce, you get only 2 option HOW MUCH YOU CAN PAY, IF YOU CANNOT PAY THEN GO TO JAIL.

    See movie JAIL where one person asks other in a jail how you landed in jail, answer was "MERE KUTTE KO CHOR KE POORI FAMILY 498A case main andar hai".

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. sstggn


    Can you reply my earlier mail that how come a poor man can spent 20 lacs??

    Can you tell what do your poor father do and how much he earns (monthly), total number of members in your father's family
    without disclosing your personal details

    It is only you who say all about your in-laws who knows it is true or false

    same is what we people are facing from our bit.... half.

    I am not much surprised to know that you have great imagination power, which has been use against your inlaws and not being used against we people, as you say
    i cant imagine that you guys can do something big for this nation apart from accusing innocent people.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  3. priya

    My father is a businessman sstggn. He is not poor. Poor ---as stated by me doesnt mean financially. All the money which he lost to them...that made him no less but a loss is a loss. If you really think my in-laws are right then contact them and tel them to stop demanding 15lacs....we dont have it...and even if we had it...after seeing their foul and horrible behaviour ...we will never agree to this ------to avoid separation we should give 15lacs. Last week also a gunda came to my father and said..."if i break your legs...then your family would become lame...and nobody would be able to fight the case" . I am giving here info in bits n pieces as demanded you are thinking that she is making up stories. my case is closed.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  4. debasish1516

    Hi Priya,
    Would like to highlight the following things in your story -
    1. You parents spent 20 LACs on your marriage which you are considering as a dowry and want a compensation in the form of Alimony to reduce burden on your poor parents
    2. You are no more working because u dont want to go out and meet people

    Now just think of the following obvious points arising out of the above 2 points -
    1. Paying Alimony as per Indian law is looked after as a duty of the husband to maintain the wife and has got nothing to do with the wife's parents. So your justification of reducing burden from your parents doesnt hold good here.
    2. As you said you are no more working actually means that you were previously working and you are capable of working and earning on your own which you are not doing knowingly to gain the sympathy from Court.
    3. You said dat you are not working because you dont want to go out and meet people. Do you think this is a sufficient reason for a educated and capable woman like you for quitting her job ?????
    4. You say that your parents are facing a lot of burden while funding your court expenses and you expect your husband to understand that and pay you Alimony. I hate to say this but being a direct child of your parents it is first your duty to think of your parents and start doing your job and earn money again thereby supporitng them financially. You seem to be a very educated young lady and my suggestion to you is to quickly start utilising the education your parents have given you and its time for you to pay them back as well.

    Hope you will understand the above points and this way you will not have to depend on your husband for supporting your parents financially. First its your duty to do that.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  5. mukesh_ynr

    If you don't want listen others , means you don't hv manner. If you are saying somthing , you should listen and understand his point also. Your parents spent 20 lacs and you want back. Tell me where is the money which your husband's spent on your marriage. Who will return to them ? you ? Marraige expanse your parent and his parent spent for public not for your husband or not for you. Why your parent spent 20 lacs ? who told them for it?
    Any Demand was there ? if no , How can you ask for return marraige expanse. If yes , Why you agree for marriage with him (Greedy people ). If it was dowry , Why you and your parent agrred for Giving dowry ? why not you or your parent complaint in police that time ? This is the only matter of IGO. Sometime couples IGO not match and Marriage fail . Then Girls take reveange . Wht u think about ur husband ? he is ATM machine for you ? Y not you are going to forget him and live and let him live also. If you are educated girl why not you do somthing for socity (But you are going to spoil also).

    Posted 7 years ago #
  6. ADMIN
    Key Master

    Dear Members Please restrain from abusing others;
    Everyone has right to exchnage their views and ideas.
    You can write, what you think right, without insulting others. and others take it lightly, what others think right is, may be wrong to you.
    Do not take it to heart. some may favor you some not,
    Here after BAD words are moderated Automatically.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  7. Final.Battle.Begins


    its hard to believe on all the blames which ur making on ur husband.....just like to get a job u need to have certain qualifications then only u'll get that job. similarly to put men behind bars n haraash them against 498 there are certain conditions in laws that men or his family or relatives should have done so many listed things which u have listed above, then only 498 will be applicable..and i think all of the men in this forum and those who r victims, have done the same thing (as per their beloved wife) which u have ur not telling anything different.that ur honourable judge also know all thiese, only thing is he is bound by the law which is only favouring women. 90-98% of the 498 caes are false. i wish ur case is not among it looks same.....

    so pls as told by other fighters, pls empower urself, be bold enough to stand on ur feets, go get ur own job, ur well educated, try to educate society against false 498. wth u'll b getting after yrs of ur court struggle is ur so called pride. bt wht u loose is ur precious time of ur life which u wont get anytime. i hope ur age is between 25-28, so wht u ll be after 4-5 yrs of court struggle. just like u, ur husband is also having some money in his pocket which he may gave to our law, to langthen case anything can happen. wht u'll be getting at ur age of 30 or 32 is victory against ur husband, his punishment, tht time u'll be in heaven. bt socially u may have lost a lot

    god bless u for ur so called success.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  8. bettersociety

    I do appriciate Priya for staying till end fighting the case and winning it. It do teaches us that if you have the faith that you did not do any wrong you will win to the end. And what Priya said is also try that Justice still prevails and there is still some thing left there that we are all staying in the society.

    But i also have a question to priya only if she respects the law and justice. If her husband has done mistake he is bound to get the punishment, But also the law says that giving dowry is also offense. So will she be ready to send her parents to jail for giving dowry. And is that not the reason why it ended up as compromise.

    Can you tell what the conditions you put and ur husband put together to put this to closer. And please give the truth as it will help many people on this forum to end this struggles and move on with there lifes

    As the world is too small nowadays and at the same time the life too. We are not against anyone priya all i want or anyone want is to move on in life if we cannot go together. Since tomorrow if you want to start your new life the person sharing should think that you have punished ur ex-husband and you may do the same to him and you end up living comparmised life from day one. I wont wish that. so please tell us your thoughts

    Sorry if i have written anything that hurts you. Its just my personal opinions.

    IF you see the West culture has gone through this 100years back and thats the reason why now they have equal laws for both women and men. Its not far that India also will come to that point, Best eg: is latest SC order that girl and boy staying together is not against law. This is there in western culture from long time. So its just matter of time but that rules will come and then you will have to give equal rights and respect to both men and women and that how the life should be.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  9. alwaystruth

    I dont know who is right or wrong
    Priya or her husband ?

    I am also not a judge to tell who is wright or wrong ?

    But forget the official courts, laws or judge , There is one person watching all of us almighty LORD , he knows what is right and wrong ? Nobody can betray GOD , he is watching and in his court he will do the justice.

    After all almighty lord GOD knows everything . so let GOD decide

    Posted 7 years ago #
  10. Biplob

    Dear Priya,

    Don't be sad for any thing. if u ask for alimony than go for crpc 125.Before that know all about crpc 125. may be your hubby will say he earns very less but ask the court for Pan card(go pan card site and get his pan no). If he have business ask the court for trading doccument and tax clearence.If you are only univ. graduate than not a prob for alimony.But if u are highly qualified lady than may be you could not find any alomony.May be your dad is lakh poti but it's your husbands duty to maintain you.But at 1st it's need to prove that your husband get out you from his home.Don't give him any divore.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  11. atit.rajpara

    //I am not working right now because i don't want to go out and meet people.//

    Wah re bhartiya nari....

    Kindly provide contact details of your husband.... you should be prosecuted under DP3..

    Friends are like condoms... they protect you when things get hard...
    Posted 7 years ago #

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