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Delayed justice leading to grief, pain and fear.

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  • Started 7 years ago by priya
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  1. honour

    hi priya,
    read ur seems you have got the wrong end of the stick.
    dont bother yourself with the comments made by people like SANJAY MEHRA. who feel all women are like their wives. they conveniently forget that their mother,sisters are also women.

    on reading your brief what disturbed me the most was:

    " I am not working right now because i don't want to go out and meet people. I have withdrawn myself from society. And entire burden of my maintenance and court fees has come on my parents. "

    do you knw what is the biggest burden on your parents, its not the money that they are is the look in your eyes,your sullen face, their biggest tension would not be the money, but your LIFE. spare a thought for them.
    forget the litigation suff for a while ( i know its easier said than done). for a couple of days just FORGET it, go out, have some fun, meet new people, keep a smile on your face, pamper yourself, nothing works like some harmless flirting. if you look closely you will realise how much r u loosing out on. just remember the life is passing you by, very soon you will be a tired, old , looser( forgive me for using that word). even if you get your alimony then what will you do of that?

    so dont bother too much about the litigation get a new life, a new job and a new a boy friend.
    as for your opposite side lawyer who is bribeing around your lawyers, what is his name. lets see if we can do something about it.

    my very good friend always tells me " COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS"
    so get out and get going. You only live once. make the most of it.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. 498A_Crusader

    All Fingers of your hand are not same; so you will get different comments from different people.
    As there are bitter women, you will find same kind of men too, and they comment as per thier experience.
    If you ask same question in some women forum, they will say;
    Forget your husband and past, go out find someone and Flirt,even if you are not legaly divorced. thats how women Advice, and you know how we Advice.
    Take whichever you likes it.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  3. honour

    hi 498 a crusader

    i m facing 498a, 406, dv, 125

    what ever i suggeted priya is something i would suggest my wife as well. what i have told priya is to move on and not make this case the be all and end all of her life.
    the matrimonial litigations take so long to end because people have the feeling of being betrayed, hurt, wronged the idea of revenge just over powers gets so engrossed in this fight that he forgets the life is pasing him by. all the above negative idea poisons your soul and at the end of the fight there emerge two lossers ..........the spouses.

    i request who so ever i get in contact not to loose ones soul and integrity in this fight. at the end of this fight you shoud emerge as a winner even if you end up loosing money.

    there is this true story:
    a boy around 25 fell in love and married a 18 yr old girl. they had a kid after around 4 yrs they got seprated not legally. after a couple yrs the boy accepted it was his fault and apologised for it albit in a rude manner. the girl refused to go back and filed 498.the boy filed a divorce this boy was a rich chap he started managing his funds as he was afraid he might have to pay huge alimony. he didnt expand his business coz he wanted to save his money. he got in to bad company and kind of riuned him self not financially but internally.

    at the time of settle ment of alimony the judge asked the wife. beta this man has assets worth 10 cr how much do u want she said, nothing the judge said you have a child ,just reconsider your decission. she said i file an annual itr of 5 cr. i dont want his money.just imagine what would have gone thru that boys mind.

    that girl who got married before her graduation resumed her studies after sepration and elevated her self to a position where she had herself earnt so much that money didnt matter to her.
    she is still screwing him in 498a.

    tell me who was the winner.
    this a true story as told to me by a siffian. this boy is still around although i dont know his name or other details .

    so be positive and As my GOOD friend says "COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS"

    Posted 7 years ago #
  4. priya

    Hi honour,
    Its great to hear from you. Ur quotes were really motivational. Really appreciated by me. And i have some gud news for all my advisers and new friends --that i have filed for compromise today. Now i will move out to some relatives places for a break and a change to get a fresh start of life. Now soon i will work and meet people as suggested by 'Honour'. And i still believe in the institution of marriage and hopefully will re-marry soon because one bad guy doesn't spoil the repo of all guys in the world. I am now happy to know that God listens and people who adviced me here(all my surprise) should get good lives ahead too. If anybody wants any kind of advice from me...i am willing to support.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  5. 498A_Crusader


    I said "If you ask same question in some women forum"
    Where i said its you.....
    Its like chor ko ..... hope you know the proverb.

    and obiously women likes your cooment about FLIRT Even they are not Legally Divorced Right PRIYA ?

    Posted 7 years ago #
  6. 498A_Crusader

    Most of us here and myself victims of False 498a or DV,
    i fought my Divorce for last 10 years without thinking about FLIRT even i was not in India.
    and After 10 years i got Divorce, and married again and Settled happily(so far)

    We have Bitter memories thats not mean that we are bitter to all women or we are not living happily.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  7. priya

    Mr. Crusader why r u so negative? Even i m a victim. I gone through horrible and unbelievable times in my life still i m optimistic. Anyways for ur kind info i never agreed to 'honour's' idea of flirt. I said i would legally re-marry. So mr. crusader read before you pass on comments. Looks like you have made ur environments too-bad for urself.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  8. sstggn

    I was not reading mails of the group for long time and today I am surprised to know that this platform is advising bit.... to get back their money from boys spent during marriage (even if spent). What about the money spent from the boy's side and have they spent it completely on bot or to fed their guests????? WHY expecting money from boy side or charging for ni..ts spent with him????? or was it dowry??? then send her to jail first. and you ppl are encouraging her in her act of extortion. WHY SHE WANT MONEY??????? Nobody is supposed to get back money spent on a party from any person but in case of marriage it has become the right of girl side to extort any amount of money from boy in name of expenditure incurred on marriage. shame on such people and persons on her side. Cant you people see she is talking again and again about HER PARENTS MONEY. nowhere about relations

    This platform seems no more against dowry or against legal extortion.

    sorry to read this topic

    Posted 7 years ago #
  9. 498A_Crusader

    This is what you wrote....
    Now i will move out to some relatives places for a break and a change to get a fresh start of life. Now soon i will work and meet people as suggested by 'Honour'

    Still u say im NEGETIVE ?
    Honour suggested to FLIRT; and you agreed saying meet people as suggested by 'Honour'

    But now you say
    i never agreed to 'honour's' idea of flirt.

    Which is TRUE ?

    Posted 7 years ago #
  10. priya

    Mr. crusader..i wrote i wud go out to my relatives' place...which means my uncles, aunts and cousins. Meeting people means my relatives and friends. Ghosh u interpret meanings so differently. Useless giving you explanations.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  11. priya

    Mr. Sstggn
    I hope you read this well.
    We spent on roka ceremony 1.5lacs + engagement 5lacs + wedding expenses 7lacs + cash after marriage to husband 5lacs =18.5lacs.
    Litigation expenses total=20lacs.
    Husband spended on marriage---2lacs. (neither he bought any clothes for himself or me or gave any gold to me.)

    Marriage broke because of his greed for more money from my parents. Even if i ve lost 20lacs to him...still i am not asking that money....i am only asking now law to punish him and punish him for his greed and put him behind bars. Now that he realises that everything is against him...the law has realised he is the culprit so now he is ready to give alimony...which i ve refused to take...i am still deciding to fight the case and let justice prevail.

    So sstggn i hope you know how money is earned by poor parents of the girl. I think you ve no respect for one's money. We were not asking his money. We were asking for his deed to be punished...he only said take money and we refused. The guy who abused me physically and mentally in public and his family ...u think i should have feelings for him...yes i did..because i was after all this trying to adjust with him but he deserted me and ran away to some other city and didn't return ever after that. When my parents tried to resolve the matter my father in law straight away demanded 15lacs from my father to his horror. As we could not arrange such amount so we simply contacted guardians of justice and law. So if you know some gud girls with such huge amounts of cash available and if you have sympathy for my husband then you can get them married to my husband after he finishes his jail term....any more doubts????

    Posted 7 years ago #
  12. sanjaymehra

    My dear, you talk as if it is only your marriage which has broken up not your husband's. And such negative feelings. Please explain how you intend to move on with such a negative attitude. And at the end of the day, it really is all about money and revenge. Well then good luck to you. Please check in a year's time and tell all of us what your negative, bitter and revengeful attitude has bought you.
    And if their demands bothered you so much, why did you not walk out at the first demand. You want your parents to buy you everything including love and marriage and threaten legal action when they can't. Sad very sad. Here's hoping for your f**lish parents sake that you turn out ok.

    Posted 7 years ago #

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