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498 & Divorce case

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  • Started 8 years ago by ruchi
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  1. ruchi

    Hi All....... I got married in 2nd Oct 2006 & returned back my parents home in 23rd week of June 2007.I came back my home in one dress & brought nothing. I left everything in my inlaws home my clothes, gold jewellery, Bags, all my cerficates, marksheet, mobile.Till date i got nothing back.

    On same day evening my husband had filed compliant to his near police office that 'I had left home with all my belongings & without informing to anyone. On 2nd Oct 2007 he had filed divorce case. I had asked him only for my belongings & nothing else still i had not got divorce. He himself is not ready to sign on divorce because he is worried about 498 case. He & his lawyer want to remove that case first then only he will give divorce to me. What to do for this Plssssssssssss advise. I am worried that after removing 498 case if he wont give me divorce then. what should i do??????????????????????

    Now i dont want my belonging also only i need is divorce so pls show me way as how to proceed for that in court????????

    Secondly my parents & i had lodge compliant against him for my mental harassment, abusement, dowry. Then Maharashtra state had filed case against them on 2008. About 498 in detail i got to know from internet & from your forum. I really felt bad for those male who were abused & suffered so much, i also felt bad for those females who geniunely suffered but in none of the places you had referred that. It is not right to say that every time males only have to suffer.

    Regarding my this 498 case i want to get this also settled without giving any trouble to anyone, bcoz for past i dont to ruin anybodies future. Hence how can i get rid of this cases in 1 or 2 hearings. I am hurrying in solving the cases so that i can accept the abroad opportunites i am getting. I want to built my profession career now..........So let me know what should i do????????????????. Let me tell you that no arguments or cross questioning are started in both cases. I am getting only dates till date. I had a talk with my husband lawyer & he said that in next hearing he will app for discharge for 498 case.

    Also pls let me know if you require any other information so that you can suggest me more.............

    Thanking in advance & awaiting for your very urgent reply...........

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. 498A_Crusader

    We are not sure your case is real one or not; If its real its your own kind made other women situation misrable by filling false 498A / DVA cases against husband families. so judiciary / Police think yours is also yet another sob story, Even if its true.

    Many women come to us asking for advice, after filling dowry case, do not tell us its your Parents or State file these cases, unless your signature or node.

    Many women burnt hand after filling dowry cases, saying they gave dowry, but in IPC 498a, it says Giving dowry also a crime equal to taking it. so you are guilty too.

    By filling false case, you stuck again. you may thought or lawyers adviced, your husband wll drop on his knees if you file 498a or DVA, those days are gone, many Lawyers trying make money from both sides by misleading both parties.

    If criminal case is pending you cann`t travel abroad, and if his 498A is dismissed then he will file damage / defamation and misusing law / Process, case against you and you will stuck forever running post to pillar.

    We are against abuse of law process, if you really harassed for dowry and Domestic violence you should fight for your rights, when you says you want to withdraw case, that clearly shows these cases are false.

    so we can say you dug your own grave, now you can blame your dear Parents for filling case in your name.

    You deserted him and also filled false case, so he will get Divorce as and when he wanted for desrtion and filling false case [ check for this judgment here - filling false case amount in Cruelty ]

    Posted 8 years ago #
  3. sanjaymehra

    What if the boot was on the foot ?

    You left him, filed a false case against him and now because you are looking at other opportunities, you want him to sort it out and divorce you. And you can't bring yourself to trust him enough, that if you take back your false case, he may not keep his word and agree to a mutual divorce. It may not be out of place to mention " Serves you right ". His discomfort did not bother you till you realized that you were the one who may have to pay the price of your callous, inhuman and deceitful behaviour.

    Sick really sick. And you want to couch it in terms of not spoiling someone's future. Honey the only person in this situation who does not seem to have a future is you.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  4. Adv.Kachave

    I have gone through your matter, you have left your matrimonial house without permission of your husband, its first mistake, after that you have prosecuted your husband u/s498 (a), it's 2nd mistake, because of this enmity is created & now you are expecting to solve the matter easily. If you were willing for your carrier why you have married & spoiled life of others. If such type of attitude is there, no easy way is there. So both of you forgive to each other. Then only there will be amicable settlement . Try your leaval best.
    Adv . Ramchandra,
    9821387099, 9224799546

    Adv.Ramchandra N.Kachave
    98, 2nd floor, Esplanade Mansion,Kala Ghoda, Near City Civil Sessions Court,
    Posted 8 years ago #

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